Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Knowledge is Power (Fukushima - Nuclear Meltdown Seems Increasingly Likely)

Hello Everyone,

Hope this message finds you doing well! With the increased info I've received the past 24 hours I have changed my tune on the seriousness of the Fukushima Power Plant in regards to global fallout. It now appears that a partial or total nuclear meltdown seems increasingly likely which in a worst case scenario will have global impact (not to mention the financial meltdown it could also trigger). Mike Adams has done more great research connecting with an inside source in Japan who has a background in atomic energy and nuclear reactors. Read below and click link for full article.......

A Personal Comment......... please remember we are all connected as living beings on this planet regardless of creed or color......I'm calling for a concerted effort of prayer and positive intentions for this whole thing to subside......there is POWER IN PRAYER. And if done together the POWER is exponential. For those on this list......I am extending an invitation for you to join me in focused prayer at 12 noon EST for 5 minutes of focused prayer (and if you don't like the word "prayer," do whatever opens your communication line with the Creator and invokes the creative healing powers within yourself directed to our brothers and sisters in Japan.


P.S. If the Fukushima really should maybe consider heading for the southern hemisphere as the trade winds do not cross the equator.

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Dear NaturalNews readers,

Things are getting far worse in Japan. As of this writing, a partial or total nuclear meltdown event seems increasingly likely. Nuclear engineers have essentially surrendered to the laws of physics now at the Fukushima power plant and pulled all the workers off the site. Now it's just a matter of watching and praying.

This is Japan's worst nuclear nightmare coming to life. The future of civilization on our planet will be forever altered after this event. Expect massive changes to be set into motion on issues like energy use, fossil fuels, the false promise of "scientific progress," the destruction of our planet's environment and other life-and-death issues.

Today we received word from an inside source in Tokyo who told me that the Fukushima nuclear plant is now basically a "dirty bomb" just waiting to go off. Read the full report here:

Meanwhile, online sellers of potassium iodide supplements are now engaged in widespread price gouging and profiteering. Our report by Ethan Huff exposes these highly unethical pricing practices that seek to exploit fear for obscene profits:

As a service to those who are desperate to get sources of iodine before the possibility of a nuclear fallout event (which could strike the U.S. West Coast), I've put together an article that highlights natural sources of iodine in foods and superfoods, many of which you should still be able to get at local health food stores if you hurry:

And Dr. Marc Sircus brings us an informative story today on using iodine to prevent damage from radiation exposure: Get the facts you need to know:

We are working around the clock here at NaturalNews right now to find you more sources for iodine. Potassium is easy to get through regular foods (bananas, sweet potatoes, etc.), but iodine is much harder to come by. We're also working like crazy to bring you up-to-the-minute news about these developments in Japan and how this is going to impact our world.

There are huge issues here that most people have not considered yet. For example, how will Japan rebuild its infrastructure after all this? It will almost certainly start selling off U.S. debt (Treasury notes). This could start a tidal wave of selling off of U.S. debt which would make it impossible for the U.S. to auction off its next round of needed debt to finance the out-of-control debt spending happening under the Obama administration.

Japan's nuclear meltdown, in other words, could catalyze America's financial meltdown.

We could quite literally be looking at a financial tsunami that follows the physical tsunami that has wiped out a huge portion of Japan's infrastructure.

What can you do to protect yourself? We're scrambling to get you good information on this as quickly as we can. Our "Financial Preparedness" event coming this Sunday has long since been sold out, but we will work to make recordings of the event available next week at a reasonable price for those who want to listen to it. And for the revenue we're earning on this, by the way, we've already pledged $5,000 in donations to Japan, and we are working on ways to coordinate more rescue efforts that may involve nutritional supplements for those in need.

The world needs our collective help right now. If you believe in prayer, I ask that you pray for Japan today, and for the future of life on our planet. If you don't believe in prayer, then send good luck, good karma or whatever you believe in. This is a defining moment for human civilization. The future of our world rests upon our shoulders at this very instant.

If we cannot prevent our own self destruction, then we have no future on planet Earth. Let us hope and pray that mankind will find the wisdom to live on this world without destroying it in the process. (Is that too much to hope for?)

P.S. Chlorella helps rid the body of radiation *after* exposure. Spirulina has also been used therapeutically in this way following nuclear disasters. You can expect the next high-demand superfood items to include chlorella, spirulina and other cleansing supplements such as zeolites. We are currently stocking up on a massive amount of chlorella supplements in order to meet the expected demand so that we don't run out this time...

More news continues below on pomegranates, fighting cancer with watercress, benefits of beetroot juice and much more (see below)...


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