Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seaweed Educator: Protecting Ourselves from Radiation Contamination ...Thoughts on Radiation Exposure

Gail A. L.Hayden
California Farmers' Markets Association
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Walnut Creek, CA 94598
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--- On Sun, 3/13/11, Catherine Abby Rich wrote:

From: Catherine Abby Rich

Subject: Thoughts on Radiation Exposure
Date: Sunday, March 13, 2011, 8:46 PM

Dear Ones.
As many of you know, I became a seaweed educator in the last years. Please read the following information about what we can do to protect ourselves from the possible RADIATION contamination that could be coming our way.
I am at this moment gathering the contact information of the several friends who have seaweed businesses in Northern California. They can quick ship the kelp to you. You can also shop at your local health food stores but they might be cleared out fast.

Basically the Brown Kelps, but most importantly Laminaria Digitata (Kombu), but also Fucus Vesiculosis ( Bladderwrack) and Alaria Marginata (Wakame) all have a substance Potassium Iodide which floods the system with enough organic iodine to prevent the uptake of Radioactive Iodine 131. Then the mucousy Sodium Alginate binds to RADIOACTIVE elements and chelates them, as well as heavy metals, chemicals, etc., removing the evil substances from human bodies through our urine. It is a double pronged approach, inhibiting absorption / preventing uptake and cleansing possible contamination. Wild DevOcean 707-684-0759 Trish Gallagher Rising Tide Sea Vegetables 707-964-5663 Larry Knowles Mama Ocean 707-223-4318 Tara Kelly Ocean Harvest 707-937-1923 Terry Nieves Ryan Drum

If you are interested in my SEAWEED SAFARI , gathering coastal seaweed, learning their medicinal value and culinary tricks ...get in touch with me for dates, reservations and more info. You are welcome to call me at 415-924-5961 or e-mail me for more information about seaweeds and other herbal ideas concerning this topic.

Our prayers are with our Japanese brethren and for the safety of our Earth and all its inhabitants.
with love,
Catherine Abby Rich, herbalist

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