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Monday, January 16, 2012


Okay, so I was looking at some recent pics of my own mom and my aunt (her sister). Both are widowed, however my mother lives with one of my sisters. I'm not sure the status of my aunt's living situation, but I firmly believe if one is into advanced age, they fare better if living with a loving family.

Both ladies are old (aunt 3 years older), but I could not believe the differences in their demeanor. My aunt is on the left and my mom is on the right. Does my mom look happy and more joyful than my aunt does? Looks like she's got more life to her, eh?

The differences are very obvious. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out which one got a yearly flu shot and which didn't. My aunt's two daughters are both RN's, so I figured they gave their mainstream advice, and she followed. What goes around, comes around.

Although I have a sister that is an RN, I warned my mother years ago about flu vaccines (all of them, in fact), and showed her a printed package insert of one. My mom got only one flu shot in her lifetime, and believe me, when I found out, I totally hit the roof & bitched at her like a mad woman. Lucklily, she did tell me that she will never ever do that again. Good. And she has the information in hand and knows better now.

My mom has some health challenges, but she is definitely faring better than my Aunt is.

Can you imagine, for a moment, how much better my mom would do if I got her on the Youngevity Minerals? Well, my aunt too, for that matter, but she's kind of out of my reach.

My mom has been sent the Wallach CDs, and information.

More pics of Mom with family...

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