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Candida Summit

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's All About The Money, Ratings, Control & ZERO About Health

The following questions were asked by someone on the VacLib list regarding Pediatricians and Doctor policies & why doctors are kicking non vaccinating patients out of their practices.

We get this question all the time, and I receive email constantly about do we have a list of non vaxing doctors, etc. I usually tell them that it's not a law they have to see an MD or Ped. I usually suggest to them to go see their chiropractor, natural doctor (homeopath, naturopath), or other holistic practitioner...

And if it's a woman expecting, I also add additional info about the scam of the birth certificates too.

I have a few questions about physicians and insurance companies/pharma companies concerning possible financial incentives or bonuses that "might" be paid to pediatricians for ejecting non-vaccinating patients from their practice.

1. Are pediatricians receiving monies from pharma or insurance companies for eliminating non-vaccinating patients from their practice?

2. Apart from the obvious philosophical differences between pediatricians and non-vaccinating parents is this also a medical malpractice issue?

3. If it is, what are doctors really afraid of? Do they fear that a parent who vaccinates will sue them if their child catches a disease from an unvaccinated child (as convoluted as that is in theory) or some other related scenario?

4. What is the role of the insurance company in this ongoing situation?

If anyone has some real facts about why non-vaccinating parents are being ejected from pediatrician's practices across the US I would like to hear from you about it.

Dawn Richardson stumbled upon the National Committee for Quality Assurance when doing some research and was going to write up a detailed article on this scam.

According to her research, this is basically it in a nutshell:

Doctors are rated based upon their compliance with prescribing certain drugs for specific diagnoses. When they bill insurance companies, they must use a diagnosis code and there is also a tracking system in place through pharmacies when people fulfill prescriptions. So... when a patient comes to a doctor who diagnoses the patient with high blood pressure, there are a list of specific drugs that he must prescribe in order to keep a high rating. When a child comes in, they are encouraged to follow the CDC recommended Vaccine schedule because if they DON'T, their rating will be lowered if the parents are using health insurance. The end result with a rating that is not 100% is that the doctor may get a rating of 98% based on one patient on insurance that does not get vaccinated. Then for ALL insurance reimbursements from then on out, the doctor gets reimbursed 98% of the amount billed. So the bottom line is that pediatricians cannot afford to take on insured and non-vaccinating parents. Not sure how pediatricians are handling it who are allowing parents to opt out and still keep them as patients. Our guess is that they may be written down as vaccinated and then they bill accordingly, but really not sure. Like I said, Dawn Richardson with is the master of this information since she did hours of research on this.

Want to stop this insanity? STOP supporting these doctors, and look up your nearest homeopath, naturopath, chiropractor, or other holistic practitioner. Until EVERYONE quits supporting the medical FAIL system, this madness will continue. Real Freedom is about OPTING OUT of all this insanity.

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