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Monday, February 6, 2012

100 Compiled Studies on Vaccine Dangers

Not sure if this is a duplicate or not but it is a great compilation of med journal articles.

100 Compiled Studies on Vaccine Dangers

List of vaccine ingredients. Also scroll down and check out ALL the ingredients listed in the CDC's Pink Book via the PDF files...

Rebecca Carley, MD said...

This morning (9/13), a minion from the Institute of Medicine appeared on C Span's Washington Journal to discuss the report they have come out with admitting a few adverse events from vaccines, yet denying the fact that vaccines are biological weapons that cause a corruption in the immune system leading to all autoimmune diseases, non-traumatic seizures, cancer & genetic damage, in people & in pets.

I miraculously was the last caller on the show, & suggested listeners go to, and oreder the book "History& Pathology of vaccines" written by Edgar Crookshank in 1889, and republished by Patrick Jordan in 2009. They know EXACTLY what they are doing; causing diseases that Big Pharma then make billions on by making drugs to "manage" the diseases. THIS IS GENOCIDE.

There are natural therapies to reverse all diseases which I did not learn about in medical school, which is why Codex is being promoted by the traitors in the district of crimials to keep their Big Pharma madams in business.

Check out the article "Science of Vaccine Damage" on See what 19 non-pharma funded researchers found re: what vaccines do. Your life is at stake. Your children & pet's lives are at stake. JUST SAY NO!

Rebecca Carley, MD
Court Qualified Expert in Vaccine Induced Diseases
September 13, 2011 6:05 PM

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