Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Daniel Chapter One Alive

Daniel Chapter One Alive is the only radio program under government censorship, and still speaking out! A ministry that teaches about God's provision in Creation for everything needed for health and healing, Daniel Chapter One brought you practical nutritional information and answered health questions for over 15 years under the name Daniel Chapter One HealthWatch, aired 10 hours each week. Talk Show Hosts Jim and Tricia Feijo have over 30 years experience in natural health and healing, and have helped people heal from all kinds of diseases with a simple, straightforward, outspoken and Christ-centered approach. Their success has been unparallelled in both sports and medicine.

Then the federal trade comission complained about testimonies of people who have been healed, especially about those healed of cancer.

April 1, 2010, Daniel Chapter One was ordered to censor all of its truthful health information, although not one complaint, not one falsehood was found. Who, what, does Daniel Chapter One threaten, that the people healed naturally of cancer that appeared in Washington DC to testify were all blocked by the federal trade commission?

Jim and Tricia have fought the outrageous and unconsitutional order all the way to the Supreme Court! As they wait to hear from the judges there, the radio show goes on, a one-of-a-kind show BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. Daniel Chapter One Alive boldy goes where no show has gone before, allowing listeners to help one another since the hosts have been ordered to silence!

It's been over one whole year now, and Daniel Chapter One Alive continues to serve people and bring the truth and light of God and His creation to the airways. Tune in for spiritual and practical health information, lively discussion, and true fellowship weekdays Mon - Fri, 12:00-2:00 ET!

The world has never heard anything like it.

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