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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Farm Physics: A New Cure and More

Farm Physics: A New Cure and More

I finished reading the book. Interesting book, and we're already trying some of the suggestions within in the book.

Book Description
Publication Date: November 13, 2009

This New "South Spun Fluid Concept" dovetails with the now famous "7 Year Cellular Rebuild Theory" in our own bodies! A modern-day breakthrough for all ages. Not only new answers for the overweight problem but an explanation for the "Aging Affect" as well. Truly a book for ALL AGES! Best wishes to one and all, now you really can "live long and prosper."

Did you know that you can influence your glass of fluid with the "south-side" of most magnets? Just stick a piece of metal to the magnet first, the opposite side is the "south-side". Take this and place it along side of your glass for 20 seconds in order to cause the electrons within the fluid to orbit their H2O molecules to the south; the same as our own! This makes wine taste delicious but will fatten soda or beer in about a minute. Try it and see for yourselves!
~David Kaas

I have already been south spinning my fluids for more than 6 months now. And don't you know that if it's anti-aging stuff, then I'm ALL OVER IT.

The 5th chapter regarding the natural pest control of insects is awesome.

1. use solid No. 12 Wire

2. Wrap 7 times (on a broomstick), with ends crossing. (the coil is 6 inches long after coiling)

3. place inside or Out. Within 48 hours no more bugs.

I'll type an excerpt from the book...

      I learned from my readings that by taking a length of solid number 12 wire and wrapping it a total of either times around a broom handle (then extend it jut a few inches as in Fig. 10), you could remove it and place these coils in a room, apartment or garden, up to 10 feet apart on one side of the area. Then, on the opposite side "stagger" the placement with another set of copper rolls placed evenly up to 10 feet apart, as well. Within 48 hours you will experience a completely insect-free environment within this given area. These 2-inch wide rolls of copper wire (remember number 12) put off a "right (south) spin" milliamp effect. Insects are "left (north) spun" in their molecular structure and so cannot stand this annoying effect for long!
      The small amounts of electrical current generated by the surrounding loops of wire create an entirely non-habitable environment for almost all insects. Inside their little heads a buzzing sound is detected which eventually drives them away. Even the biggest spiders and roaches will not want to stay within this area for long! Try it and see what kind of fruits and vegetables that you begin to get from your own garden.
      When I learned this trick, it was in the early 1990's. I was surprised to be more to this existence than I had ever considered, practically every day! This all was truly a part of our future.
These concept, though new, need to be shared with all people at this time, so as to improve the very conditions which we are all experiencing daily. The need is here today. Will we see it happen? I certainly do hope so, but the clock is ticking!

Farm Physics: A New Cure and More!

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