Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Mix – Club-mixes-vol-3 in 528

Hmnmmmm.... dunno though, because it gets loud right in the middle. It didn't sound that way in the mixer. Maybe I should have just exported to a wav file and let dBPower Amp convert it to the .mp3 format. But the mixing software also exports to finished file. So I'm rethinking this. It's the middle song called LOVE SO HIGH by Stompin' System.

I'll tweak with the volume some more and make a new file directly..

The mixing was fine, just the volume not even'ing out as it should.

EDIT: Here's the re-uploaded file on my site, with the volume more level sounding... Digital Angel Donna DJ - Club Mixes Vol. 3 [Right Click, Save As]

I'll replace the SoundCloud one, once I figure out how.

Here's the artwork...

In the meantime....


MessiahMews said...

I like how this turned out considering I was mixing it while in a catatonic insomniac state. lol. Gets kinda loud in the middle of the LOVE SO HIGH song, so I want to tweak the volume and RE-upload… The mixing is fine, but the volume isn't even, and I'm too picky, so I'm not 100% satisfied. Well enjoy until I get a tweaked one upu.

MessiahMews said...

And another problem is the bitrate of each individual song. I'm sure that is some cause of the inconsistencies in volume balance. 192 kbps and 320 kbps sounds totally different. Those folks with musical ears can hear it.