Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Update on the Website Attacks...

Okay, a little history....

This started getting bad, when we got the exemption pages up and running.


Back in 2006, due to them attacking one of my things for posting the truth about the slavery of marriage licenses, birth certificates and SSNs, they hacked and trashed a profile of mine WITHIN 30 MINUTES of having posted the first post on a forum. And just for that, I, in return, decided that I would put the info under the birth exemptions for EVERY STATE, which was then linked to from there. Because that's what the satanic network seems to understand the most. The same with gifting orgone, which others back then did the same thing. See?

Fast forward to summer/fall of 2009 when TPTB wanted to start the H1N1 Pandemic....

First, Vac Lib and the former Idaho Observer started putting out the articles of the impending SCAM of the thing. Don Harkins wrote something in the I.O. which then caught the attention of TPTB and they blasted him IN HIS HOME with strong radiation beams, similar to what was done to DB back in 2003 or 2004, therabouts. There's still a dead spot in Ingri's yard there. I've seen it.

They killed Don Harkins. And I know WHO did it and I KNEW before the night it happened. My hubby and I were at a local organic restaurant eating dinner when he informed me of something that this someone was planning on doing supposedly to help (radionics or some such). I KNEW RIGHT THEN, and said OMG, they're not going to help him, they're going to kill him. I KNEW. I did not feel good about that at all. Sure enough in the middle of the night a little after 4 AM I got up feeling real sick to the point of almost throwing up. I did a little. Like dry heaves or something.

Then I found out about the bad news a few hours later when signing on to the Pandemic Flu Online site. He died at the time when I was up sick. In those same moments. Here's the story if anyone wants to read it.

Yes, I know who was responsible and Sherri Kane posted about 3 or 4 months AFTER the fact. So she was right on one of the main characters responsible.

More incidents happening to the lot of us...

Then Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's stepson was killed in a car wreck about the same time.

Another activist's wife was severely hurt in a car wreck during the same month.

About a few days or a week, maybe, my hubby and I are coming off of the long bridge just right in front of the veternerian clinic, when suddenly he screams, "OH SHIT!", real loud and I'm like OMG! WHAT! And he slams on the breaks (me still NOT knowing WTF is going on), and then suddenly puts the SUV in reverse real fast, knocking me in the head YET AGAIN (my poor head-knocked the Atlas out), and heading towards a stopped car behind us.

What had happened was the car behind us suddenly veered to the right and crashed turning over several times before stopping. My hubby had seen this happen in the rear view mirror, which is why he reacted like he did.

After I gathered my senses, I immediately KNEW it was meant for us to crash. Not the car behind. The car was apparently beamed (from a satellite or something), causing it to suddenly crash. It was close enough behind us. TPTB meant to hit US with the the thing to cause our demise. And this isn't the first time attempts on my life has been made.

Edit: The couple in the car behind us were not hurt bad, so they're okay as far as we know.

ALL of this in the same month or two. And it's because ALL OF US (people mentioned above) were alerting people to the HIN1 pandemic scam. Because WE KNOW and EVERYTIME that a "vaccine" or other "poisonious cure" would be coming, in toto.

And these attacks on our site are from the same network.

Re: [Vaccination-Liberation] Vac-Lib website DANGEROUS???

Dewey Ross Duffel to Vaccination-Liberation - 6 hrs ago

Hi everybody

Google has removed its warning from following my request for

Thanks for your patience.



I did not send out an email but someone asked what was up with the warning they were getting on their browser.

Basically, some else had sent an email a few hours earlier asking what was happening to due to the warning their browser was telling them that was an attack site.

I checked the files in the main VacLib site and discovered that several had a common date (Feb 7). I had not uploaded but one file on that date. After checking the files I discovered that several files had a script inserted into the head of the file.
I uploaded copies of the site files from my computer and over-rode the infected ones. Then had to ask Google Webmaster tools to re-inspect the site so the warning would stop being broadcast.

Hoping all is well with your own AVN site and yourself.

Meryl Dorey wrote:
> Hi Dewey,
> I think I missed the beginning of this conversation. Did you send out an email about why google had put a warning on the website? If so and you still have it there, can I please ask you to resent it?
> Thanks,
> Meryl

Bottom line? They want to STOP our site, and US.

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MessiahMews said...

Now, is it any wonder why I'M suffering from extreme depression, and just don't feel like doing much anymore?

Is it any wonder why I don't want to get up in the mornings?

Is it any wonder why I just don't want to even wake up at all and stay in the sometimes fun dreams I have?

Is it any wonder, no matter what I do, why I can't seem to catch a break anymore?

Granted, there are many blessings and things happening lately, that I'm SO GRATEFUL and THANKFUL for, but the deep sadness and hurt still remains.