Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More Good News Posts

I'm going to be posting more health info and post stuff a little more on the positive side. There's just too much negativity in whistleblowing (even though these things need to be told and known). I'm already been suffering extreme sadness and depression for 4 years now, and enough is enough.

So.... I have all this alternative health knowledge and I need to post more on the health stuff. The solutions, you know?

I'll still post some of the other whistleblowing stuff, but I'm cutting down on it. It's just making me more sadder by the day. And I'm sure people are getting tired of seeing the same old shit.

Oh, and the blog needs more comedy and funny stuff, so you all might see some more funnies coming up. I've already spiced it up as you can see the Nyan Cat stuff.

And more pictures too.

I NEED this, as do most people nowadays, considering how the world has been for so long.

So there....

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