Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 3

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh --My-- God!! NCR - Day 1

I just had my sphenoid bone leveled via NCR by Hillary Lampers, ND, and it was freaking awesome!

Felt like a chiropractic adjustment, except it was in the middle of my head.  Well, behind my nose actually, but pretty far back.

The head pressure is pretty much gone already, as I can already feel the difference.

There was an energetic blockage between T7 and the sacrum.  Meaning no energy.

They also had me on the MRS 2000 mat (I want one!), to help clear out any negative electromagnetic energies, (WiFi, dirty electricty, etc...)

3 more days to go.

My friend's son did very well too.

And oh.... I just came out of the Candida cleanse and it went well.  So straight from cleanse to NCR.  My body is probably like WTF?


Robert4Health said...

Hey! Donna you ae getting a Brain lift and and upload. So now you are going into other levels of spirituality and only the good LORD knows what else.

MMMMM, maybe spontaneous ORGASMMMMSSSSSS.
Love you Baby.

MessiahMews said...

Well, not that exactly, but I did get a slight face lift and a nose job for $800.