Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Friday, April 6, 2012

Juicing and Raw Foods: Fasting: Day 9

Juicing and Raw Foods: Fasting: Day 9: On the ninth day of fasting, my true friend said to me... "Awesome!" And it can be, if  you want, need, or decide to make real changes...


I think it's awesome too!  Bless ur heart!

I got forced on a mini fast due to detoxification from NCR.

Fever, chills, aches and pain, who feels like eating anyway?  So green tea, water with minerals, liquids, because after all, I just has my entire skull re-arranged, you know.

I think the longest water fast I had was 3 days.  And that was due to indigestion, that I was on fire in the stomach area.  And believe me, the water felt so good.

I did a 7-day Stanley Burroughs Master cleanse with the hot cayenne pepper, Grade B maple syrup and lemon.  Talk about hot!

Our prayers are with you guys.

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