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Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vaccination Exemptions: Government Looking to Control Parental Decision Making in California (AB2109)

Description: BREAKING NEWS– Like a thief in the night last year, it happened in Washington State. And now it’s poised and ready to happen in California. And if it happens in California, you can rest assure that the rest of the states will fall in line like dominos.

On February 23, 2012, Democratic California assembly member, and pediatric physician, Dr. Richard Pan, introduced Assembly Bill 2109 regarding vaccination exemptions.

“This bill, if passed, would require parents to obtain the signature of a ‘health care practitioner’ for a personal beliefs/religious exemption. MDs, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants can sign. Naturopaths and chiropractors cannot. The signature will need to be obtained on a separate form provided by the Department of Public Health, which states that the health care practitioner has provided risk and benefit information to the parent.”

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On this special “Breaking News” edition of Spinal Column Radio, Chiropractor, Dr. Tim O’Shea, author of Vaccination is Not Immunization and well known advocate for parental rights regarding immunology and natural health care joins us once again to give us the 411.

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MessiahMews said...

If this Bill passes, MDs will not sign!

6 reasons why MDs won't sign

1. They won’t meet their quota of vaccinated children in order to get their bonuses

2. They will get reduced reimbursement rates from insurance companies because of the vaccination requirements

3. They will be afraid of liability in case the unvaccinated child they signed for gets a disease from the vaccinated.

4. There's no insurance code for that type of a visit. Most won't make the appointment

5. They don't have time, the inclination, or the infomration to counter someone who is already informed

6. Many pediatricians dismiss patients who won't vaccinate.

Continue to fax, phone, and email Pan, Monning, and the other Assembly Members
Please get your friends on the petition at Californians Against AB2109 -- only takes 10 seconds!