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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ruining Our Faces & How it Happens

WARNING:  It's health information, but also a rant too.  Please bear with me.  This has to be said...

Besides the Standard American Diet ruining our health and structures, there is something else that is also ruining our structures.  Particularly our skulls, faces and teeth.

These idiot dentists and orthodontists are RUINING our teeth and faces by pulling teeth, and also using braces to pull teeth IN.

Here's a classic example:

Joan came to Dr. Hang unhappy with how she looked. She had undergone orthodontic treatment as a young person. That treatment included the extraction of permanent teeth followed by braces that pulled her remaining teeth back in her face. Dr. Hang re-opened her extraction spaces and moved her teeth forward in her face. Joan is a professional singer and was surprised when she re-gained her upper singing range part way through Dr. Hang's treatment. More

Ideally, our faces should line up within the Golden Mean Ratio.  This page and article explains it very well...  On the page, the author first states...

Is poor nutrition, ignorant orthodontics, and bad karma creating a world of ugly, non-orgasmic beings who additionally end up suffering from TMJ, jaw pain, cluster headaches, sleep apnea and trigeminal neuralgia?

My parents were always taking me to an idiot dentist who was constantly doing work in my mouth.  I'm more than positive that the idiot who ruined my mouth was making up imaginary cavities.  At one point in high school, I was looking in the mirror and saw a slightly darker spot on a tooth.  I put baking soda and water on a toothpick and scratched the spot off.  It was simply a stain, and not a decay.   Then I had a permanent tooth grow in on the bottom behind a baby tooth.  The damn idiot pulls the permanent tooth and leaves the baby tooth.

The beginning of all this disaster was that my mother wasn't watching me one day and the neighbors (also idiots) had a horse in their back yard on the next street over.  This is inside a city limits neighborhood and the horse breaks through the flimsy fence.  Well, the horse came into the back yard and I'm outside BY MYSELF with no one watching me, playing in my yard.  Being a toddler, I didn't know any better and got too close to it.  It kicked me right in the face, which messed up my entire skull and structure.  It also destroyed "tooth buds" which never got to grow into teeth.

I know for a FACT that this one incident set me up for a lifetime of bodily misery.  I should have died and oftentimes wished I had, to spare me from this messed up meatsack shit-suit.

The structure and spine were then knocked out of alignment from the sudden jolt.  The C1 was obviously knocked out.  I had that fixed by AtlasProFilax and maintained by regular chiropractic/bodywork.   The C7 was also chronically mis-aligned due to it too.  The C7 vertebra's nerves go straight to the thyroid gland.  Everyone with diabetes and thyroid conditions have misaligned C7 and T7 vertebrae in their spines.  T7 goes to the pancreas gland.  C7 and T7 are like sister vertebrae.  If one is out, the other sometime is, but not always in everyone.  That is know as the see-saw effect.

See Effects of Misalignments here:

Then came imaginary cavities and then with mercury poisoning me slowly, setting me up for real ones later on. Remember, I saw that darker teeny tiny spot on a tooth.  By putting water and baking soda on a toothpick and scrubbing it off, that tooth didn't get molested, thankfully.

I wasn't able to metabolize calcium due to calcitonin not being produced by the thyroid or para-thyroid glands. Besides T4, T3 and T1 hormones, the calcitonin regulates calcium metabolism. I still was producing the other thyroid hormones, since I was still young, but apparently missing that calcitonin. The mercury interferes with thyroid function.   So does fluoride and other halogens.

Now car accidents is another. I had those too, but not too serious. I have a niece who is also suffering the same misery due to a damaged structure (car accident).  I've been telling her about NCR, and how it could help her but she's not listening.  She's trusting damn quack doctors who want to milk her of finances with surgeries, drugs, etc...

Now the nutrition (or rather lack of)  is another contributing factor.  I also was exposed to Dr. Weston Price’s work (articles) and his observations that cranial structure changes based on environmental influences. It seems that we are all suffering from a inward collapse of our skull structure. This is the same facial collapse and especially palatal collapse that I'm seeing a lot of on middle aged folks these days.

------------ begin rant ------------

Seriously, my parents could have done a better job at raising me and my siblings.  My dad especially was mean, and they made damn sure I got all vaccines (at the time), mercury fillings, fluoride, canned foods, processed foods, such as Mac & Cheese, boxed potatoes, which I couldn't stand.  They made sure that I was oppressed and my dad was especially controlling and mean.  Seriously... some people shouldn't even have kids.  My dad hated me, and even said to one of my siblings (as an adult) that at one time, he couldn't stand me. To this day, I still don't know why he hated me so much.

My older half brother got the worse brunt of his anger too.  I guess his poor soul had enough, because he passed in 1974.  My dad passed in 1997 (did you know mean people usually get cancer?), but thankfully, he did say before he died that he did love me.  Forgiveness was given of course.  So I hope my "supposed karma" with that soul is done with.  My mom was more of an angel for sure, but what could she do?  He would get angry with her too, if she interfered.

My first husband was just as bad too.  NCR can help him, btw.  I have to learn forgiveness with him too.

Thank you Father that I'm married to an angel (2nd hubby) this time!!  

The "mean man" "taskmaster" thing no longer worked for me.  Neither did any attempted mind control as a child.  It never did, especially in this life.  It serves no purpose whatsoever to be overbearing to children.  To ALL you mean assholes out there (fathers AND mothers)... listen up!  Those days are over.  If hitting or spanking (or beating) ever worked, we all would be better off and also better people, but as any intelligent person can see, we're worse off nowadays.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Matthew 18:10 - Be sure that you do not hate any of these little ones; I tell you now, in heaven these little ones’ angels will always see the face of my Father.

------------ end rant ------------

Now do you see?  Even emotions can affect the skull structure.  It certainly contributed to mine.

Here's another guy who also got RUINED by dentist/orthodontist.  He had some emotional stuff too...

His friend that has the site mentioned earlier says...

For those of you who are familiar with the work of Wilhelm Reich, the face contains what he calls "occular armouring." What this means, is that as a child you made the decision not to see certain things, and not to express certain things because they were too threatening to your existence. For example, if your dad beat your mom you couldn't bear to see it so the muscles in your face got really tight to mess up your vision. This includes the psychic vision which all children have. If you wanted to tell your parents to stop forcing you to live a certain way but were afraid you'd lose their love, you tightened up your throat, swallowed all their "stuff" and refused to throw it up and give it back to them. Maybe as an adult you are bulimic now so you can throw up daily and release the tension in your throat and thoracic diaphragm but you still never give them back their "stuff," do you?

This is incidentally why you have TMJ: you are filled with rage and lock your jaw and throat down to hold it in. You grind your teeth while you sleep - as you dream you are a tiger tearing people apart with your mighty jaws!
Yeah, my eyesight suffered too.  From that, and also the DTP vaccines.  I had to also "swallow" all the BS perputrated upon me as a small child because I was afraid.

The good part:  Now the blessing that came out of all of this, is the knowledge of alternative medicine.  ALL of this came about because of all this misery suffered by myself and others.  I did the research and discerned what was right for me.

I got rid of all mercury fillings, detoxed the mercury, detoxed myself with colon cleanses, liver/gallbladder flushes, got the best supplements possible, changed diet, more whole foods (organic, free range, grass fed, antibiotic/steroid-free, etc...) went to many workshops, presentations, classes and everything else that had to do with healing and alternative medicine.  Plus learning that the body is a whole.

The best thing I've seen, to fix the structure, is the NCR (Neurocranial Restructuring) and ABC (Advanced Biostructural Correction).  The before and after pics, of both, I've posted already, says it all.

Sphenoid bone. This is the target area of NCR. It's the bone almost all the other bones of the skull come into contact with!

NCR moves the sphenoid bone via endo nasal balloons. Since all the bones of the skull is attached to the sphenoid (except mandible jaw bone & one other), they move too, when manipulating the sphenoid. It helps to unwind the spine. My chiropractic adjustments weren't holding, so I did this to furthur stabilize my spine. I also had trouble with my occiput being tilted and dropped causing headaches. I had my first session a little over 2 months ago, and already my cranial bones and facial bones had moved in just the first 4 days!  My eyes are more even, my face is not as pinched in. My palate moved forward too. I started noticing that ALOT of people our ages are having collapsed faces due to environmental causes and the standard american diet. Several generations of grain diets have left us all deficient and our faces/skulls are suffering. Narrow palates, collapsed faces in mid age (sometimes earlier due to dental & other disasters), etc.... There are too many people suffering needlessly nowadays. In addition my nose straightened up (instant nose job in 4 days!), and I took a few more years off my appearance. It's also a non surgical face lift for the older set and definite improvement in the younger set.  The face lifting is a NICE side effect.

I had to do this to improve my quality of life, which I never had up until now.  It's expensive, but WELL worth it.  I'm doing the best I can given what I have to work with.  It's a work-in-progress, after all.

The ONLY miracle for my body, I need now is to be able to grow a third set of brand new teeth. When they're gone, they're gone, for those ships have long since sailed.  What kind of intelligence that created our bodies, would deprive us of a third set of teeth?  I will never understand nor accept that reasoning, because sharks, dinosaurs and some other animal species can grow as many teeth as needed.  Why not us?  WHY?  WHY?  WHY?  Did y'all not foresee all this disaster in the making? Come on!  Reverse that curse and lift it please?  Most aging people are depressed because once they lose their teeth, the body goes to shit.  Know how much more humanity can be, had this ONE little thing been corrected from the start? This, aging and the fact that some people look better than others is the root of all the deep seated anger, resentment, fighting, and suffering that humanity has gone through for all these thousands of years. If everyone was truly equal?  Just imagine. Hmm...

Never let anyone tell you that you have to accept this.  You CAN change your structure, function and EVEN looks.  And you can do it NON-SURGICALLY!  Apparently, it's not a sin either,  because check this out...

Matthew 18:8 - For this reason if your hand or your foot offend you, cut them off, and throw them away: it is better for you to enter into life haltingly or maimed, better than having two hands or feet and be cast into everlasting fire.

Matthew 18:9 - If you do not like the look of something, take your eye out: It is better for you to enter heaven with an eye missing than to have two eyes and go to hell.

Well, my entire structure was offending me, so I fixed them, as opposed to cutting them off, so there you go!

------------- End ------------

Matthew Chapter 18 Scriptures from HERE.

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MessiahMews said...

The idiot dentist that ruined my teeth got his. He was cheating on his wife, and she caught him in the act and shot him in the ass.

Apparently, the idiot is still ruining people, or either it's a son with the same name who is also a dentist.