Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Great Fan

Well, since the site doesn't have an order link or price, I found it on Amazon.  ACE Hardware stores should have it too.

Seabreeze 3200-0 Turbo-Aire

No, no, not another reader finding my articles fabulous.

I'm referring to a great HOUSE FAN. I bought it cheap for $70 from Ace Hardware last year. Ordered it special.

This is the product page:

Patented from Canada by aeronautical engineers. Except for David and Barney, the only good thing that comes from that country.

This fan feels like you're in a wind tunnel. Check out the specs on the volume of air it moves.

It's quiet too. And it's low energy consumption.

This is a life saver if you dont have AC.

Just two pieces of advice:

1. there are easy to clean plastic shields front and back. clean it when hair and dirt builds up on it. because that will greatly reduce it's effectiveness.

2. The fan pushes out so much air, that if you place it on a smooth table, it will move backward sliding on the table (it even looks like a plane engine).

Solution is to pick up some rubber hosing at a auto parts store or plumbing/hardware. about 16 inches long and about 1 inch inner diameter.

then slit it down the middle so you can clamp it onto the two metal cylinders that the fan rests on (if you lay it on a table). acts like rubber feet.


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