Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Thursday, August 2, 2012

NCR Second Session

Had awesome results this NCR session as well.

I gained an inch in height this session, so that puts me at 5' 7'.  I had gained an inch due to a series of ROLFing sessions back in late 2009-early 2010.

Here are the pics of the before and after of the first session.  Now the grid on the wall didn't move.  I did.  Look at where my head and eyes, etc... line up to the grid lines compared to the earlier pics.  And I was also having some serious collapsed face, palate, and skull issues before I started.  No wonder I was in a constant headache!

Again, these are not glamour shots, and I was supposed to have a serious look on my face.  They told me to look real serious and not smile.  For diagnostic purposes, I suppose.  So I'm not pissed off here.

To show you the height, check out this god awful no makeup pic.  I posed here to show off my height after getting back home from the session.  That was the last day of the session.

We also got to visit the lovely Pacific again, so here's a better pic where I don't look pissed off.  It was a beautiful day, and we took a walk on the beach.

Although I look like a different person in the latter pic, it's really not so much looking like a different person.  I just look like I did 20 years ago.  Think of the tent poles in a tent being re-erected.  I basically had the tent poles in my face and head re-erected, so to speak.

For more info on the naturopathic doctor who did my NCR, go to and look up Dr. Hillary Lampers, ND.

To find one in your area, go to and click on find practitioner.

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MessiahMews said...

Nothing like having my original face back. The way it was supposed to be BEFORE all the trauma imposed upon my body.

So I don't look like a different person, only like I did when I was much younger.