Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rainbow Family -- We Is Colorful!

Nyan Cat would be so proud!

My niece Bequi

Bequi again.

Niece Candice aka Candy Cane

Of course my girl, Miss Kristen aka Kissy Kiss!

Miss Bryleigh (great niece)-her hair isn't colored, but she's a pageant girl, so she has colorful eye makeup!

Katelyn with two-toned hair color.

Madison with two-toned streaked hair.

McKenzie with her colorful face painting.

Katelyn with Blue-Green Streaks

Madison & Katelyn with the blue-green streaked hair.

Bequi again.

My sister Lisa & friend with colorful Zumbawear!

Even the newest member of the family is already showing signs of being colorful!
This is Oaklee Grace!

Even the walls are colorful!

Even I LOVE color too!

Stay tuned for Silliness and Beauty from the family.

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