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Candida Summit

Wednesday, December 12, 2012



It's been over a week since Cheerios had to remove a Pinterest App that actually exposed them for containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), being pro-GMO and for *General Mills' funding over $1 million to "No on Proposition 37." Consumers are still slamming Cheerios' Facebook page in their "Recent Posts by Others" section. Actually, thousands of angry comments are now visible on the "face" of their page as well their other sections for comments.

But that's not all - when Cheerios posted a retro commercial called "Grandma's Visit" it was immediately slammed and removed from their Facebook videos. Consumers followed the vid to YouTube and commented on Cheerios' YouTube page. More than 1200 users left negative comments on the Facebook vid before its removal saying things like “Nostalgic old commercials are no substitute for healthy ingredients. I won't buy Cheerios until they are GMO-free.”

We know that they got the message - they haven't posted on their Facebook page in over a week. Cheerios finally responded by patronizing consumers and carving out a special comment section for "robust conversation". So, they aren't backing down from their stance supporting GMO ingredients and their promotion.

The heart of the matter surrounds consumer rage over big food companies' deceptive health marketing, meanwhile, actively funding efforts to stop the labeling of GM foods - the paying consumers' desire for greater transparency. It's like someone smiling while flipping you the bird behind the back - or taking your money and watching you poison yourself. Profits over principles - and consumers won't forgive this time.

Alisa Gravitz, CEO and president of Green America said:

The sheer volume of comments on Cheerios' Facebook page raising concerns around genetically engineered ingredients is incredibly inspiring. GMO Inisde is credited with first stoking the comment-bomb. They also posted this vid by showing just how much genetically modified sugar is added when choosing Honey Nut Cheerios:

But some commenters still ask whether Cheerios themselves contained GMOs - mega YES. Regular Cheerios contain modified corn starch and sugar - most likely made from GM sugar beets. Other flavors contain corn syrup, corn, corn bran and canola oil - over 90% chance of GMO contamination there. Guess what else they contain among other harmful substances? Trisodium phosphate - a common and strong cleaning agent. Also a stain remover, degreaser and food additive considered by the FDA as GRAS (generally recognized as safe).


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