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Monday, December 17, 2012

Vaccines and Drugs Contributing To Social Violence

The Connecticut Tragedy

Tedd Koren, DC

In 1990, Dr. Harris Coulter's book 'Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality' was published. It was one of the most powerful books ever written on the subject of vaccination damage and in it he predicated a wave of violence in our schools.

The mechanism which he discussed in detail was due to a certain type of brain damage known and acknowledged to be caused by vaccination: sub-acute encephalo-meningitis. This condition was known to cause inflammation of the base of the brain which affected personality and behavior.

This was no mere theoretical exercise. Coulter's, as one of America's most creative medical historians, did extensive research to reveal that encephalitis was an acknowledged medical reaction to all (or nearly all) vaccinations and that a very mild form left in its wake serious personality distortions and disorders. A review of the "epid emics" of infectious encephalitis which swept America and Europe in the 1920s reveals that those who survived such a condition would suffer from various conditions which we recognize today but were exceedingly rare at that time:

These conditions include ADD, ADHD, autism, Asperger's syndrome, allergies, anorexia, bulimia, impulsive violence, stuttering, mental retardation, dyslexia, sudden infant death syndrome (Crib death), processing disorders, the inability to feel empathy (seen in autism spectrum disorders but also in criminal behavior), bed-wetting, Tourette's, seizures, sexual identity disorders and many other conditions that, it must be repeated, seemed to came out of nowhere (or rarely occurred) in those times.

Coulter seemed especially concerned about the violence emanating from such diseased brains. His discussion of the health of those in US prisons, revealed that a surprisingly high number of them suffered from various neurological disorders such as tics, stuttering, dyslexia, seizures, and other conditions reflective of nervous system problems.

In "Vaccination..." Coulter discussed America's youngest serial killer, a young teen in the late 1800s whose mother stated it was the smallpox shot that changed her child's personality and turned him violent. Coulter's book includes a chilling interview with the notorious serial killed Ted Bundy. Bundy was a college student, a psychology major, erudite, thoughtful and a vicious murderer. In his own words Bundy discussed his uncontrollable urge to kill said his was not a personality disorder but a neurological disorder (uncontrollable impulses in his brain).

Remember, this was before the Columbine shootings, before school violence was even discussed as a serious problem. Coulter’s prediction that our increasing mass vaccination program would give reap us more and more violence has unfortunately come to pass.

The victims of these vaccines are damaged. Damaged brains are often prescribed psychotrophic medication which has been linked to suicide and homicide. While we don't know enough about the Connecticut killer we do know that most of those who committed school killings were on such medication.

We should not let our investigations be limited to exploring “comfortable” areas (gun laws, poor parenting, TV, video games, more secure schools) but we must be willing to ask what has turned our children into killers (no matter how uncomfortable the road traveled). How many more such acts of violence and murder must occur before we ask the question, "Are our vaccination policies making these children murderously violent?"

Are these acts of violence a medical, iatrogenic (doctor caused) phenomenon as a result of vaccination-induced chemically damaged, neurologically sick brains?

The evidence is compelling and our refusal to objectively investigate that unpleasant possibility may ensure continued tragedies of this nature.


- The Medical Assault on the American Brain

by Harris L. Coulter

Reviewed by Ann Jerome Croce, Ph.D.

North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA, and The Center for Empirical Medicine, Washington, D.C., 1990.

The book's main theme is that the United States' compulsory childhood immunization programs have had far reaching and vastly underestimated effects on society as well as on individuals. Coulter's vision is characteristically expansive, encompassing a wide range of phenomena which he investigates with his customary meticulous scholarship.

Coulter himself summarizes the book's main point in his concluding chapter:

"This book advances the perhaps startling thesis that childhood vaccination programs cause a wide range of neurologic disabilities, and that these disabilities yield the bulk of the autistics, minimally brain damaged, and sociopaths who have undermined the American educational system and American society, giving this country during the past two decades the highest crime rate in its history (249)."

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