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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cat Rescue and The Great Cat Rescue of 1995

I'm very resourceful when it comes to urgent matters such as this.

This pic is of Rebecca Ventouris cat rescues.   She or they were able to get this cat down.  I have a similar story of my own mamma cat back in 1995.  My story is below this pic. 

The Great Cat Rescue of 1995

I had a mamma cat (yellow long haired tabby named Jasmine) that got stuck way up in a tree like that. She had kittens who needed her.

So we call the fire dept and they said we don't rescue cats from trees. I'm like "then why do you guys get depicted as cat rescuers"? So then I'm trying to figure out how to get her down. I put her kittens and food in a basket and take it out there for her to hear and see them. She was not coming down.

The man across the street was a painter, and he had several scaffolding things, so he got to work stacking several layers of them, with us hoping that maybe Jasmine would jump down. He was still a few short and she still didn't want to attempt a jump.

We somehow tied her laundry basket of kittens and food securely to the end of one of those long ladders which reached the branch perfectly right under her. I was on the top scaffold steadying the ladder while not looking down and poking the limb she was on with it.

After poking the branch several times.  She finally jumped right in the basket and I nearly lost it, but I held on hard and kept it steady, thank God. I then lowered the ladder rung by rung until I got to the basket and then took her out and handed her to someone on the level below me. I handed the basket of kittens down too and worked my way back down to the ground. The whole neighborhood knew about it.   That was referred to the Great Cat Rescue of 1995.

Too bad there were no digital cameras or cams back then, and I didn't own a regular camera either, so I wasn't able to capture those moments on film. 

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