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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Skip that Newborn Vitamin K Shot

Skip that Newborn Vitamin K Shot

One of the very first things on a doctor or midwife’s to do list after the birth... of your baby is an injection of vitamin K. The purpose of this shot is to assist the newborn with blood clotting capabilities...   Read More...      

How much synthetic vitamin K is in the shot? Shockingly, the national standard mandated by most states for US hospitals to administer is over 100 times the infant’s RDA of this nutrient. Since studies have linked large doses of vitamin K with childhood cancers and leukemia, this large dose of synthetic K administered within minutes of birth seems questionable at best.

The fact is that medical science still does not know that much about the metabolic fate of vitamin K. Little to no unmetabolized vitamin K shows up in urine or bile. This is disturbing given the fact that vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin and therefore has the potential to accumulate in body tissues. More disturbing is that the liver of a newborn does not begin to function until 3 or 4 days after birth. As a result, this little being has very limited to no ability to detoxify the large dose of synthetic vitamin K and all other the dangerous ingredients in the injection cocktail including:

- Phenol (carbolic acid – a poisonous substance derived from coal tar)
- Benzyl alcohol (preservative)
- Propylene glycol (better known as antifreeze and a hydraulic in brake fluid)
- Acetic acid (astringent, antimicrobial agent)
- Hydrochloric acid
- Lecithin
- Castor oil

The manufacturer’s insert included with the shot includes the following warning, “Severe reactions, including fatalities, have occurred during and immediately after intravenous injection of phytonadione even when precautions have been taken to dilute the vitamin and avoid rapid infusion …”

If that isn’t enough to scare you, Midwifery Digest, Vol 2 #3, September 1992 estimated that the chance of your child developing leukemia from the vitamin K shot is about one in 500! This means that the risk of developing leukemia from the vitamin K shot is much higher than the risk of bleeding on the brain which the vitamin K shot is supposed to prevent!

Does any of this make any sense to you? It makes absolutely no sense to me. How could anyone say that this shot is safe and effective for newborns?

How about this for an alternative – eat lots of leafy greens in the weeks before your due date (I drank a cup or two of nettle tea every day in the final weeks which is loaded with vitamin K1) to make sure your blood is high in vitamin K and of course, this will transfer to your baby as well. Make sure you breastfeed your child as the probiotics in breastmilk will seed your baby’s digestive tract with the right type of good bacteria which will produce naturally occurring vitamin K immediately after birth.

Skip the shot, eat your greens. Now, THAT makes some sense.    

Another alternative is Biotics Research Vitamin K Mulsion.    

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MessiahMews said...

The vitamin k was originally intended for boys, because of their parents unnecessarily circumcising them. And somehow just ended up becoming standard protocol. It's totally unnecessary. It's just a scare tactic, just like the the vaccines (vitamin K is not a vaccine, but still is a poisonious injection). And just like the eye ointment, it is unneccessary. Please, educate yourself on the harmful effects of injecting the vitmin k into their bloodstream at such a young age. It does not benefit them. And by the eighth day of life your levels naturally even out. The eye ointment can cause jaundice, and potential eye damage. The vitamin k can do damage to certain parts of their organs and such if given to them because of the high doses of it. Just trust that your body was designed to heal itself, protect itself, and love itself. You have no fear. That baby is designed to handle this world, all naturally. Don't let doctors try to make money off your precious baby boy or girl, he or she needs you to protect his or her purity.