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Candida Summit

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Life Preserver for Diana and her Daughter

We need to raise at least $500 for a homeless friend to get to FL to be with her daughter who is also in dire straits.  She is stuck in California.  Her name is Diana.

To begin with her daughter's new home came with some kind of bird mites, which is noted when you look this up as the invasion of bird mites. They attack homes first.

This was a brand new wood home near the mosquito patrol air landing. This bird mite gave the family scabies but but not the usual scabies you think of. These scabies make a person very sick. It may be bird flu. Its kind of hush hush but the person can't eat and gets flu for a long time and pneumonia. It takes a long time to notice anything is living on you. Regular scabies itch and make marks so you know but these are so small you don't know you have them or your house does. In my daughters case it came with both the bird flu and bird scabies. That means it got into the blood. With her husband it got into a sore from his work that he didn't have checked and it damaged his heart.

They gave up the house and all the new beds and clothing and everything in order to be rid of this. Now folks just went in and stole stuff even after the bank took it over. So you know the mites may spread even more. They can lay dormant for 100 years then re attack when in habited again. The wood making the home must have carried them.

The house is also right next to mosquito control so you would think all that pesticide residue her house would have been protected. Her daughter has lost nearly 200 pounds.  She was heavyweight. She's anorexic.  She now weighs 80 lbs.  She can't eat. Diana thinks she has some kind of bird flu type thing.  She stated that it behaves sort of like HIV.

Her daughter lost weight from those bird mites infesting her new home.  They were not in the house that got them sick. They left all their things and just left it. So I suppose shes giving it up to the state. They can fumigate it and get a lot from all her things and no one will know they were in a house that had scabies. And she had all new furniture too.   I'm thinking she got poisoned by all the pesticides next door too.

Her daughter and husband went back to the house they were previously renting.  So she is not in the house that got her sick to begin with. Her daughter and husband left all their things and just left the house.  Diana says she's giving it up to the state. She could fumigate it and get a lot from all her things and no one will know they were in a house that had scabies. And she had all new furniture too. I know I wouldn't move into there, fumigated or not.

And to make matters worse, her daughter's husband Mike got heart disease for not going to the doctor over a sore that didn't heal.  He ended up with cardio-myopathy. He died of a heart attack in his car. He had just gotten in car and put on his seat belt.  He died sitting right there in the car outside. They have both been sick. They lost their business.  So they couldn't pay his life insurance either. So  they dropped insurance when he was sick. That's how sick they were.  Not knowing that you can die when you're that sick.  So she needs her mother Diana, whom has been stuck in California and homeless all this time.

Diana says her daughter has 3 months worth of money.   Her daughter still has to pay for funeral expenses (I don't know how much), since they couldn't afford the life insurance due to the lost business from both of their sicknesses.

Diana needs to get to her daughter who is in Florida.  Diana is stuck in California, and has been living in a broken down car that barely works.  She has been struggling to find a place to park without being harassed by police.  She's been going to the library to use the computers and internet during the week.  She has gone to churches for free food.  She gets $300 month from Social Security, I think.  She has joined a gym just so she could be inside as much as possible, get showers to clean up, rest and exercise there.

Mother and daughter both have needs.  So we need to get mother and daughter together, as they will be able to help each other out one way or another.  Diana has pay pal.   Any and all donations are accepted.  I've personally been helping her out each month after my Pay Pal pay day from one of our companies, we work for.

Her Pay Pal email is

It would be best to send it directly to her, but if any of you want to pay pal us, I'll forward it and pay pal her.  Mine is

Here were some of my suggestions for her and her daughter...

* Daughter needs to do a Magnetic Clay bath ASAP.  Preferably the Environmental Detox Bath Kit to detox pesticide residues.

* Daughter needs to build up her blood with drinking at least a pint of liquid chlorophyll each week for a month or two.

* Mother and daughter both could use some silver or Oxysilver, Bionaid or SilverSupport.

* Both could use some EPX Immune which is the Peter Josling formula of Allicin-C.  Peter Josling added Beta Glucans to the EPX version of it.  EPX has relabeled several other products such as the SeaVeggies Daily which the formula of FarmaSea.

* Diana has been asking for some Oxysilver and Liquid Dentist product, but being homeless, she has no physical address to send it to, except a friend who said she could have it sent to her PO Box, but she also stated she don't check it much either.

So when Diana gets to FL, we want to have some Oxysilver and Liquid Dentist shipped to FL for the both of them.

Even after she gets to FL, we still plan to send some $$$ monthly to help her and her daughter get the funeral stuff paid up, etc...

This is an old pic of them, so the phone number is no longer valid...

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