Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Venus the Chimera split face, two face, odd eye, 2 diff color eyes... cat gone viral

Other unusual cats...

Colonel Meow

Tarder Sauce The Grumpy Cat...

Lil Bub...

Hamilton the Hipster Cat...

AREZ THE catception CAT (cat within a cat)...

Chimira dog...

And let's all remember all the cats, dogs and other animals with heart markings too.

"I  Heart ."  (I love Dot). Dottie is the mamma cat, fyi.

Ya think?

Has anyone else noticed the sudden influx of real unusual cats (and dogs) as well?

Well, here's my take on it...

I think with all the animal shelters killing them that God is really making them more unusual looking and unique so people will stop killing them.

(and WHO exactly left them in charge to play God and determine what pet dies anyway??)

ALL pets (cats & dogs) are special in most people's eyes (especially mine!), but we have these idiots out there, who think that they can just throw away God's creation, as if the animals don't matter anymore.

Well, it does matter!  And I'm sure that He is just as tired of His creation being tossed away like garbage.  Humanity, for the most part, have dissed His gifts to us.

With all these unusual markings and variety lately, perhaps He is thinking along these lines..., "Maybe, I'll get real creative, and make them more beautiful and unique, in hopes that humanity will start loving them more and quit throwing away MY creation."

I'd like to think that God is sending all these unusual creatures down here to teach us a thing or two.

He does not like humanity throwing away His creation like this.  ALL are beautiful and special, of course, but perhaps this is to take notice of what is going on.

Thankfully, we do have Animal Rescues out there that are rescuing some of the dogs and cats, which get sponsors, and placing them in homes, or foster homes for pets.  And those are the lucky few, I might add.  I've supported a few along the way as well.

However, I can't help to think that some of this animal recycling via shelters and sponsorship is a money making scam. Believe me, I'm thrilled at the ones that do get saved, but this is why I think about this. This is because one woman had her cat taken out of her own yard, later to see his picture plastered on an animal shelter website being put up for sponsorship and adoption.
This particular shelter STOLE her cat out of her own yard, to make money off of him, so be aware of that this is happening alot too.  We had to go get one of own cats from the local shelter after a bitchy neighbor butted her nose into things and laid a trap for one of our cats.  We had to pay to get our own cat back.  My daughter had a few harsh words to say to her, and I let her say it to the old bitter angry hag.

Also, another abuse is shooting them up with vaccines.  Even though people are sponsoring them and getting rescues to take them, they are STILL shooting them up with vaccines.  You can't even adopt a dog or cat from a shelter or rescue without them having shots.  We need to find the alternatives for our pets too, and quit shooting them up all the time.  They suffer adverse reactions just like people do.

Keep in mind that the dog and cat food, is processed food, and they have gotten away from their native diets. Dog and cat food is filled with addictive substances just like our own processed food chain.  This again, is humanity, thinking that they can outdo God. Idiots that think they know what's better than the natural way.

Nowadays, there are more animals that have human diseases like diabetes, and hypothyroidism, etc... Animals in the wild don't get these diseases, by the way.   It's because their diets are messed up and shooting them up with the toxic vaccines.

As kids, we all fed any strays, very much to our parent's objections.   Even as an adult, we all take in strays, feed them, clean them, and either keep them, or find them a good home.  I always had cats coming from every direction.

We domesticated them, so now we're responsible for them.

So please take note of our Father's creation, and let's all be responsible for once, and start appreciating the beauty that has been bestowed upon us.  And know that ALL His creatures are special and have a purpose for being here just as we do.

When I look into their beautiful innocent eyes, I see God.

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