Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It is now against federal law to criticize vaccination

If you had ever alleged Dr. Paul Offit's work to be scientific fraud, then you 
violated federal law, should this recent court decision hold.

Since dissent against fluoridation, vaccination, and HIV=AIDS began, official 
science has become official government science.

but now, official government science protected by the law. it cannot be 
criticized without penalty.  Under the threat that their official science might 
not be believed, liberal elites who feel they are the repository of all wisdom, 
are outlawing the heresy of scientific dissent.  now the courts are involved to 
punish heresy.

i'm curious: After being ridiculed by liberals as "flat earthers" on climate 
change and embryonic stem cells, how soon, if ever, will conservatives be ripe 
for accepting the dissenting views on vaccination?

BTW, why did a federal court hear this libel suit?!  This is yet more evidence 
of the growing leviathan that is the central government.

----Gary Krasner


July 26, 2013
Mann vs. Steyn: Heresy Shall Be Crushed
By Daren Jonescu


Mann has taken his critics to court -- all of them, in effect, with Steyn and NRO as stand-ins -- for saying his research is fraudulent and bogus. The court has upheld the legitimacy of his suit by citing the support of his research by precisely the organizations with the greatest vested interest in his vindication -- including government agencies deeply involved in climate change advocacy (EPA and NOAA), and a public university. The message: the State is on board with Mr. Mann, and has had enough of his work being challenged.

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