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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happeh Mum's Dai!

We has mum's, sistahs, daughters, nieces, nephews and families!

My Kissy Kiss and her husband Eric!   Best thing ever happened to me the day she was born!

Happy Mothers Day to my Mom Mod Gal who almost 27 years ago brought me into this world and who I love so very much, and my new mother Donna Carrillo who brought the woman I love most of all into the world. I hope both of you ladies have a wonderful joy filled days.  ~Eric Pierce (Kristen's new husband)

Kissy Kiss

Niece Stephanie & great niece Madison (Steph's oldest daughter)
Niece Candice & great-niece Oaklee
Niece Stephanie w/ great nieces Madison & Katelyn

Stephanie with a Young Madison& Katelyn

Sis Ramona w/ oldest son David

Nephew David and Lauren w/ baby Berkley
Berk was born too early and didn't not make it.  RIP Berkley.

Sis Keli & daughter Maridith (my niece)

Niece Maridith and her son & my great nephew Shepherd Lane.

Sis Keli w/ granddaughter Anniston (my great niece)

Nephew Brian w/ wife Katie and daughter Anniston (my great niece)
Brian is Keli's son and Maridith's brother.

Sis Lisa's granddaughter Ava (my great-niece)

Nephew Matthew w/ daughter Ava (great-niece)
Matthew is Lisa's son.

Sis Lisa, husband Charles (brother in law) w/ granddaughter Ava.

Sis Lisa w/ her youngest two Braden & Tansley (niece & nephew).
There's Matthew, Braden and Tansley.

Great nieces Katelyn and Bryleigh.
Katelyn belongs to Stephanie & Bryleigh belongs to Danielle.

My great niece McKenzie (Danielle's daughter) holding newborn Oaklee (Candice's daugher).

Mindy (Regina's daughter & my niece) w/ Shaylin & Kaydance (great nieces)

My niece Danielle, mother of Mackenzie and Bryleigh).
She needs prayers.

Sis Regina with granddaughters and grandson Jay (belongs to Mindy)
Mindy has two sons and two daughters.

Sis Regina with Candice (holding Mackenzie), Danielle,  Stephanie

Sis Ramona w/ sons (my nephews), David ( and wife Lauren), her twins Jeffery and Benjamin.

My daughters Kristen and April.  April is my stepdaughter from my first hubby.

Daughter Kristen with my niece Mindy (sis Regina's daughter)

My baby Kristen at age 1.  What a cutie pie!  Luv her so much!

Us last June w/ Stephanie, Madison, Katelyn and Dawn.

Sis Regina with daughters (Stephanie, Mindy, Danielle, Candice and all the grandchildren, but two)

Great niece Kaydance (Sis Regina's granddaughter and niece Mindy's youngest daughter)

My sister Regina's youngest daughter Candice and oldest daughter Stephanie.

Madison (niece Stephanie's daughter) with great niece Oaklee (niece Candice's daughter).

Sis Regina and her oldest grandson Jay (my great nephew).  Jay belongs to Mindy (Regina's second daughter)

Nieces Mindy and Madison

Niece Mindy's youngest son Ridge.

Niece Danielle with Mindy's son Ridge.  Danielle is Regina's 3rd daughter.

Niece Mindy with Ridge (her baby son).  She has two daughters and two sons.

Niece Danielle w/ two daughters Bryleigh and Mackenzie.  Also in pic is Mindy's daughters Shaylin and Kaydance.

Kissing cousins little Oaklee and Ridge.  Sis Regina and her daughter (my niece) Danielle being silly.

Niece Danielle with two of her daughters.  Missing are another daughter and son.

Sis Regina with granddaughter Oaklee.  Oak is Candice's baby girl.

Mindy's daughter Shaylin and Danielle's daughter Mackenzie

Sis Regina with second daughter Mindy (my niece)

Niece Danielle with youngest daughter Bryleigh and holding Candice's daughter Oaklee.

Nephew Matthew (Lisa's son) with his son Cid.

Ava and baby brother Cid.  Daughter and son of Matthew (Lisa's oldest son)

Matthew and Bequi Bergerac (Son and daughter in law of sis Lisa) with their baby son Cid.
Matthew looks so much like my own father.
What my dad looks like.  Looks so much like Matthew above.

Sis Lisa with Mom.

There's more pics, but have to look for them.

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