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Thursday, July 3, 2014

[Vaccination-Liberation] Mind blowing information about the CDC and the EPA

The Shocking Truth: EPA/CDC Whistleblower's Story

Roger Landry interviews Dr David Lewis author of "Science for Sale". Both men have long histories of working with the so-called government. Both are now whistleblowers.

Topics include
  • Vaccines containing chemical pollutants
  • Chemically contaminated sewage sludge sold as fertilizer
  • Policy at EPA/CDC not supported by science
  • Corporate control of government agencies
  • Mass exodus of scientists from the EPA and the CDC
  • Why we cannot trust the science coming from government agencies or even universities

Lewis also explains his investigation into the outrageous framing of Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

Audio interview

If we don't work together to expose the lack of credibility at the CDC, we are missing the boat. Microbiologist David Lewis' information could be a powerful tool for all of us.


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