Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

[Vaccination-Liberation] PPPs and the vaccination business

In 1999 Al Gore announced a new form of government: the public private partnership (PPP). Of course the American people were not involved in this decision. We were kept distracted by TV, movies, sports, etc.

Vaccine pushers and profiteers are very much included in this new paradigm.

Here is a good example in Central Ohio:
The Vaccination Business in Central Ohio

This of course explains why our complaints about conflicts of interest go unheard. When government INC and business INC form a partnership that is considered legal, there is no conflict of interest. They believe they share the 'same' interest . . . and they do. Both of their jobs is to profit from pushing vaccines onto the unsuspecting general population and create what ever 'spin campaigns' necessary to get the job done.

For-profit corporations have a 'fiduciary' obligation to produce profits. A great explanation of this structure can be seen in the 2003 documentary The Corporation.

This is why the Vaccination Notice identifies the players as for profit corporations. As corporations, their requirement to generate profit (and limit liability) is greater than their obligation to the welfare of the population.

Any attorney who promotes this notice will likely lose his BAR card, so they will likely oppose it. Currently attorneys do everything they can to lead the public away from our corporate reality . . . at least that has been my experience.

Judge Dale, retired, explains why corporations cannot be governments far better than I in this relatively short article.


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