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Friday, August 22, 2014

NCR case study: Scoliosis, double vision, concentration difficulties

Published on 7 May 2014

A patient shares her success with NeuroCranial Restructuring® (NCR) treatment. Also included is video footage of her fourth and final treatment session with Dr. Howell and Dr. Simonson. Though she will require more treatments in the future to further her progress and increase stability, she got significant relief in her back pain and improvement in her posture in just one four-day series of treatments. Her improved alignment and stability can be observed in side-by-side motion videos and photos of before and after, and her family members are amazed at other benefits of her treatment such as the smoothing out of her wrinkles. Her eyes also become less deep-set, and become more level with each other. When the eyes are un-level and in different planes, this can cause double vision, which was one of her complaints. Though not mentioned in the video, she did report on the last day that she thought this was beginning to improve as well.

This patient is an example of chronic, long-term skeletal misalignment caused by faulty weight-bearing patterns through the skeleton, caused by cranial imbalances. Scoliosis is often caused by a spiral pattern in the skull, which the body then has to balance and accommodate. In NCR, our motto is "As above, so below." The rest of the skeleton must form a spiral pattern to balance this spiraled weight distribution from the skull. It does this by rotating vertebra and other bones (such as pelvic bones) out of alignment in order to balance and stabilize the brain and nervous system. The spiraled weight distribution also causes spiral patterns in the long bones (like the femur) and can distort or derange the shape of the bones themselves in a process of bone remodeling.

Contrary to common thought, bone is very flexible, malleable and changeable tissue. Bone can be remodeled very quickly, even within 4 days' time. However, with chronic cases like this, the most dramatic and long-lasting changes occur over the course of multiple series spread over several months or more. This gives the skeleton a chance to truly remodel itself and rid itself over time of the spiral patterns and other faulty weight-bearing patterns caused by the cranial imbalances.

Because NCR releases the distortion patterns in the meninges (a springy-like tissue surrounding the brain and spinal cord), this initiates a spontaneous, self-unwinding process in the body, which continues for a month or more after the treatments. Therefore, the true 'treatment' actually begins AFTER each treatment, and after the series is completed. For chronic cases, it is recommended to continue monthly or as often as possible until enough bone remodeling has occurred to result in significant changes in the stability patterns, especially when there is pain involved. Because the brain prioritizes stability over pain, it will choose a misaligned pattern if it is more stable, even if it causes you pain. Continued pain is a sign that more treatments are needed to insure a stable alignment in which pain is no longer necessary. That is why chronic cases can take longer, because there is often pain involved. NCR is designed to be a cumulative, progressive treatment process over time.

That all being said, the results from just one series of NCR can be astounding, especially in those who are eager and ready for change. And fortunately, the same excellent results can be had at any age. However, with scoliosis and other spinal deformities, it is best to treat patients when they are as young as possible, to prevent the faulty weight-bearing patterns from being distributed in the skeleton altogether or for as little time as possible, so they do not get solidified. Thus, the younger scoliotic patient will require much less treatment than the older scoliotic patient to fully rid the patterns. In the older patient, some of the bony deformities may not resolve completely, but nevertheless, the weight-bearing patterns and stability patterns will be much improved, as you see here in this case. This will lead to the person being higher functioning and more capable in all areas of their life.

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