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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Talk To The Paw In Indy - All About Dogs: Can I Give My Dog Chlorophyll?

Talk To The Paw In Indy - All About Dogs: Can I Give My Dog Chlorophyll?: My Facebook friend, Cindy K. from Durham, N.C, asked me about the safety of giving her dog chlorophyll.   She takes it herself, and likes ...


I posted this article for someone who has a dog that got damaged from a shot.

A friend of mine messaged me yesterday and told me about how her friend's daughter took their dog and it got a heart worm shot called PRO Heart 6.   The dog immediately had a severe adverse reaction to vaccines.

"my friend mallory in atlanta took her dog to the vet and they gave him the Pro Heart vaccine. shortly afterwards he started to vomit and fell unconcious. they said he had a stroke. she knows it was the shot. what legal measures can she take against them? normally you arent required to sign a waiver when pets get a shot. shes really upset"

this is what she just posted after the event:
"The VET called the manufacturer of PRO Heart 6 and they are paying half of the bill. If this drug was so safe why would they automatically offer to pay anything? I'm so sick of BIG Pharm using living creatures as test dummies. Be smart. Read information before you inject something or someone you love. My dog had a stroke because she didn't know. Diesel collapsed and his eft eye was looking a different way than his right. Harley has to take him back tomorrow for a follow up. DO NOT USE PRO HEART 6 ON YOUR ANIMALS!! #PROHEART6 #DEATHSHOT"

I'm tired of this shit too dear.

"she said that upon further investigation she learned many dogs have died from this shot but the vet did not tell her about the risks"

So I find the package insert for that shot. The PROOF that it's deadly...

Here are reported possible side effects of ProHeart 6 in dogs...
• Severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis): facial swelling, itching, difficulty breathing, collapse
• Lethargy (sluggishness), not eating or losing interest in food, any change in activity level
• Seizures
• Vomiting and/or diarrhea (with and without blood)
• Weight loss
• Pale gums, increased thirst or urination, weakness, bleeding, bruising
• Rare instances of death
• If you notice any of these side effects or have any concerns about your dog, please contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Today's update on mal's dog:
"Diesel is at the vet getting the iv cath flushed out. Blood work came back and his liver took a major hit. It was over 600 and normal readings are around 200. We have to take him back in 2 weeks for more blood work to see if his level has come down. He seems to be acting like his normal self today"

Since the liver and blood seem to the most affected, I suggested the following 4 things for her to relay to her friend in Atlanta.  I also had to make sure that they are okay for dogs to take as well.

1. Milk Thistle extract
2. Dandelion leaf/root
3. Chlorophyll
4. Clay Baths (if you can get a dog to soak in them long enough)

And the following articles, including the blog post above reposted.

Idaho Observer: Chlorophyll: The Blood of Plants for a Superior Blood Bank

Even dogs and cats can do clay baths too.  Getting a cat to soak in them would be difficult, but may can get a dog to do it.
The environmental clay bath kit is the one that detoxes the vaccines (heavy metals and chemicals)


Dog Liver Disease Treatment - Milk Thistle for Dog Liver Problems

Milk Thistle Dosage for Dogs | Milk Thistle for Dogs

Recognizing Dandelion's Herbal Benefits - Whole Dog Journal Article

When checking on herbs for dogs and cats, have to make sure that they can take certain things.  Dogs and cats differ too, so all has to be checked when we are healing our furbabies.

Also, keep them away from mainstream vets.  They are just like pediatricians, ready to "shoot em up" at every turn.  If pets are healthy, then they have no need for annual checkups.   We're not always running to the damn doctor for Miracle either.  He's only went once for neutering, and that's all he got.  No shots for him ever!

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