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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Arts, Graphics, Online Editing sites, etc...

I LOVE working on graphics and artsy stuff.

I like taking a plain picture and editing it, adding color effects, making collages and building graphics from scratch.   It's a lot of fun to make pictures with effects and graphics out of scratch.

Creating is an outlet for my ever present frustrations.

The kind of things that photoshop can do, but without having actual photoshop. Here are some pictures that I've added effects to and then some I made from scratch, etc....


Kissy with same effect.

Hell yeah on the NCR cheekbones!


I just bought some of that Youngique 3D Mascara from my sister,
so I tried it out and snapped some pics to show off my eyes with it on.
Nothing like a cartoonized effect!
This one don't even look like me, but it is.
Camera angles, makeup and effects are everything, when desiring a certain look.
I LOVE color, and love making the use of it for a real neat effect.
Submission to the Collecty site for voting.
Cartoon graphics with transparent PNG overlayering of transparent graphics.
Making .gif graphics are fun too.
A transparent badge!
Layering transparent graphics, over one another into one graphic.
This one is also a collectible submission submitted to the Collecty site.
Made this one from two different programs to get this result,
which was used on the ice bucket challenge posts.

I started making my own album artwork instead of asking others to help.

Nyan Cat Stuff
Collect ALL The Things! (C.A.T.T.)

When C.A.T.T. went down.  The collecty site.

These are trolls on my toes and they HURT!

C.A.T.T. site was still down.  Everyone was in a panicked state by then.

This submission won that week and was in the collecty set.
Used two different online programs for this one.
Basement Cat Meme Collecty submission.

OREO Speedwagon Meme for REO Speedwagon group
and Can't Fight This Feeling Song.  Made totally from scratch.
This one was submitted and made it to the "Play On Words" collecty set.

A totally look like meme of a cartoon of yours truly and a cat doing the same thing.

Flustered, are ya?
Wouldn't ya just love to be able to?   lol
The Lord giveth us good things, and the government taketh away.

Ceiling Cat Meme
Zombie Cat Orgone Meme by request.

C.A.T. T.  Meme for fbastage to fix the forum and game collecty site.
C.A.T.T. Collecty submission for Mother's Day set.
Collecty submission for the Faces of Happy set.
Made from scratch.  It won and made it into the set.

Silleh Wabbit.... Easter is Nawt About U!
First place in Easter Collecty set.
Xtreme Makover Meme submission in a Collecty set.
Catdid Camera submission and 1st Place Winner in C.A.T.T. collecty set.
Fickle Kitteh Meme

Collecty submission and winner for a set.

Little Green Men, errrr, I mean Kittehs!
My sister's cat has skeletons in the closet too, apparently.
This skeleton in my brother-in-law's closet praying not to be found out.

One of my sisters wanted me to put skeletons in her husband's new closet, 
so I came up with this funny.  LOL!

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