Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Daily Messenger: From Ghana: Ebola the only people who have gotten ...

The Daily Messenger: From Ghana: Ebola the only people who have gotten ...: Other than the original Facebook post, this web site is the first one to carry this and it needs to be spread, the future may be riding on ...


And this is really disturbing...

Further reading:

The Battle Lines Are Drawn: Refuse an "Ebola Vaccine" - The Scamming Medical Community -

I am not making this up, folks: I was first warned about modified bacteriophages by friends in the medical community who said they have personally witnessed the modified bacteriophage technology, that it is really advanced already, and that it causes permanent destruction to both the recipient of the shot and to subsequent generations of children – a permanent wipeout of who you are that will be passed down through the generations. And that was five years ago, in 2009. The passing along of the pacified traits to subsequent generations is accomplished via DNA insertion performed by lytic bacteriophages – which can insert new DNA into host cells, including in the testicles and ovaries, without killing the host cells. Once this happens, all subsequent generations carry the traits contained in the genetic code the bacteriophages inserted.  
For the kill factor, rapidly multiplying lysogenic phages will be used instead. Modified bacteriophage viruses were chosen because they are highly selective with what they will attack, so a precision application can be accomplished.

There's your zombie apocalypse folks!   And don't you just know they've been wetting their pants from this possibility.  Wet dream come true.

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