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Candida Summit

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Pet Trafficking Business

The pet-trafficking business.  This animal control business is nothing but a pet trafficking racket.  For the longest time, I've had an unsettling feeling about why all these animal control/shelters exist in the first place.  As always, it's always about the damn money, and what they can milk out of people.  One of the Cheez peeps is planning on doing a scathing video on the corruption of the animal control biz and how the local governments are part of it too.

Not to mention, it keeps the Pet Vaccines biz going, as well.  They have mandatory rabies vaccines in nearly all places, and you have to have a tag and collor, and registration of pets, which is another money making scam.  It's all about control and tracking, just like they do humans.

One GA Shelter was guilty of picking up a woman's pet from HER YARD, and then posting it on their page, as an available cat ready for sponsorship, rescue and/or adoption.  She found out about it and went to their page and confirmed it was HER cat that she thought disappeared.  She was pissed, and I hoped she sued the shit out of them.

We, too, had to deal with this first hand.

Back in the 90's, we had one of our cats (Bluebell) that was trapped by a neighbor, and animal control came and picked the cat up. We knew where to look first, and sure enough, it was at the local animal control center.  We went to get the cat, and had to pay a small fee to get the cat back.  My daughter yelled at the neighbor and said, "I got my cat back, you bitch"!   I said nothing to my daughter about it, because the woman was a hateful bitter old hag, who seemed to hate everything and everybody. So I sided with my daughter.

And, it's the fault of the people.  People are so irresponsible anymore.  They get a pet as a puppy or kitten, and decide they can't deal with it anymore, so they dump it off at the local shelter, and don't look back.  God created these creatures too, and humans have no right to toss away God's creation like it was nothing.

If people would be responsible to spay and neuter their pets, so much of this crap will stop. They wanted that animal, they should be responsible and care for it.  Another scam about the vaccine biz is, that if you want to spay or neuter you animal, many vets won't do it unless you consent to vaccines. So it's a trap to make money for pHARMaceutical companies.  My God, this world is so backwards!

Have nothing against adoption, itself as some people that adopt, do end up getting a nice pet.  And also, most of us animal lovers would LOVE to save them all.  I know I do!   But is this really the best way to get a quality pet?

Thankfully, our Miracle was given to us by a friend, who is someone we know personally.  He was neutered as soon as he was old enough.  And we are thankful for a local vet, who is known to be a horse vet, but sees cats and dogs too.  She worked with us and didn't force anything else on us.  I am still so grateful for that.

According to some of the sites below, some rescues have been found to be involved too.

This site says this... "Many who have had animals confiscated report that SPCA, HSUS, or local humane societies teamed up with Animal Control, which has police authority. What follows are case files and examples of unjust seizures (available as PDFs) by those who misuse police powers to seize healthy, happy animals. Defined by the FBI as Animal Enterprise Terrorism, animal seizures are highly profitable." ...

Pet Adoption Becoming Money-Making Business?

More on the dog rescue racket and other animal-activism follies: Mulshine

Animal Underworld: Inside America's Black Market for Rare and Exotic Species

Mission creep: Dog rescues and animal shelters risk public health and safety

[Animal] Shelter or store? Most Americans say no question

I'm sure there's more out there, if you look.   Many people don't realize that it's a huge business racket, and if they can't get money out of a perfectly good animal, then they'll euthanize it.

What a sorry world we live in.  It deserves to end, sorry to say.


Annie said...

This is Annie. I think we can start talking in here, to make plans about exposing the shelter & doing a YouTube.

MessiahMews said...

Okay hon.

I would love to save the animals, but I'd also like to know of alternatives on how to get this done. Just like you, I truly HATE that these jackholes in power think they have to right to decide if and when an animal dies.

I bet it's gonna be one hell of a video too. Can't wait to see it.

Annie said...

Give me some ideas. I can load all the pictures of the cats on death row. And some statistics about the place. For example, how many cats have been euthanized in that place. But would need some actual video. I haven't researched the place much. It looks like the other organization is a hand in hand operation. tags: kill shelter, kills cats, euthanizes cats, etc. Can ask people not to release their pets to the shelter, knowing the pets will be disposed of. I can throw together a video in a short amount of time, over the weekend. Just want it to be impactful. Annie

Annie said...

Yep, I like talking in here better. Don't want ICHC loaded with depressing comments. Love

MessiahMews said...

I don't know if I can find those actual statistics, as they probably don't want people to know how many are killed. That particular one isn't the only one. This problem is nationwide with ALL the HIGH KILL shelters. The one in Manhattan, NY, by far, seems the worst and there's one in GA, that got more worse after the sheriff took it over, and it became HIGH KILL rate. This whole pet trafficking business is what I would like to bring attention to, not any particular shelter and/or rescue.

Also, the word Humane Society is an oxymoron, as we know that shelters that kill and murder is never HUMANE.

I'll just post links as I find them.

MessiahMews said...

Here's a forum thread regarding the police takeover of the Murray County in Chatsworth, GA regarding it being a high kill shelter.

MessiahMews said...

Rome, GA (the one that picked up my daughter's cat)

If shelters are full, then they should tell owners with surrenders, too bad, we are full, go the hell home and learn some responsibility for a change.

Annie said...

Where do you think we should take this then? A video about all kill shelters? Combine lots of random facts? List the ones we are aware of?

MessiahMews said...

Combining the random facts and the ones we are aware of would be first.

If we can perhaps find people who used to work at a shelter that perhaps knows the politics involved. Alot of them are volunteers, but there are permanent workers at them. Unless you can find an existing video online, it may be hard to go to one and make a video. Some places may not allow, and if that's the case, then it would a sure fire way to know that they are hiding something.

Also an idea would be factoids on captioned pics. And if you don't want to do it on cheezburger, you can use the Online Image Editor to make captioned pics.

MessiahMews said...

I grabbed a couple of videos from the shelter of the Devore.

RUFUS -- ID# A607283


PRISSY -- ID# A607178

That Prissy is a beauty! Wouldn't mind having her.

MessiahMews said...

PRISSY -- ID# A607178 was stolen from her owners property according to Gilbert Callahan.

Gilbert Callahan A607177, 607178, 607179 were confiscated from a property. No other info other than that owners have been in contact with Devore.

Told ya they were stealing people's pets.