Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Friday, October 24, 2014


Who said it has to be on Thursday?  I don't march to the same drum as everyone else anyway.

How about TGIF, um well, never mind.  I found some forgotten treasures a few days ago, so moving on to the good stuffs...

What a climber! You Lil' sneaking troll!

Chubby cheeks, but no one ever pinched them.

KYOOT Lil' Triker!

My spoon.... No!  You Can Not Has!

The hell was I looking at?! Oh yeah right, the blanket was catching on fire. lol

Loved that hat!

A father and three daughters.
Some time after the horse kicked me in the face, and then to make matters worse,
my mother chops off my hair making me look really ugly.  Thanks alot for that!

Tom. Looks like Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz).

Looks like the baby is flippin' the camera a bird.
And the little boy?  His father hated him and always made out
like the boy was never going to amount to anything.
Well, he tried, but didn't succeed, thanks to the father.
God bless the little ones.  Always!

The precious brother.  God bless and rest his soul!

Cutie younger sister!

The most coveted baby of all!

Toddler sister.

Another toddler sister.

Don't either one of them look happy at all.  Hospital doctor killed baby brother.
Not a very happy time then.  It was weird seeing your mom cry.

More throwbacks coming laterz...

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