Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Prayers for Timothy
We are asking for positive and loving thoughts towards Timothy's family. He was vaccine injured and since the vaccines were not to blame by authorities, the parents were, then he was removed from the home. The parents have a court date tomorrow. They are hoping for a pretrial date soon. Till the trial is over, they can't get their son back and the more time the system buys (keeping them waiting) the closer Timothy is to not returning home. Even scarier is they have vaccinated Timothy and the parents are scared for his life that soon they will try to give him the next round of vaccines.

Let's send them our love and positive thoughts for Timothy's return home. He needs to be with his parents. These are things parents who vaccinate their children need to understand happens. It happens a lot. Only now more are speaking up. We love Timothy and want him home. Let's help them any way we can.

Update- To the readers, giving you an update on Timothy! Thank you for all of your love and prayers we asked for, they helped. Keep them coming.This is not over until Timothy is sent home but this is good news worth sharing.From his mom, 11-14-14

Pre-Trial Date Set

"Today we had a hearing and our judge was amazing. Originally they were going to adjourn for another month to have time to set up a pre-trial date, but our lawyer was determined to get a date today. So they took a break and called and got a date set. First it looked like it would only happen in January, but then the judge said he would make himself available, which is why we now have a pre-trial date set for Thursday, November 27 2014."

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