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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Re: [Vaccination-Liberation] Dealing with vaccination bullies

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Thanks for this, AL. However, you might want to change your 'Note' at the end where you claim that Michelle Malkin is well-informed...
"Well informed parents like Michelle Malkin can actually help turn around this vaccination insanity..."

While I had read the article previously, it is clear that she is NOT well-informed. If she would have read all the articles in our Vaccination 101 course, she would have refused ALL vaccines, considered a home birth and consulted with a naturopath or chiropractor rather than a pediatrician regarding the health and well being of her son.

And as a reminder, our Vaccination 101 course is in my signature below.

And, yes, we must let people know that the CDC is a completely unreliable source of information. When you had David Lewis on "In Defense of Humanity" November 8, he stated quite clearly that no one should trust ANY information coming out of the CDC. And he should know after working with the EPA and CDC for over 30 years and documenting the lack of credible research, fudged statistics and faulty science in his book, Science for Sale.

Everyone needs to be clear that the corporate state has no authority to tell you that you must vaccinate your children OR fill out an incriminating document begging for religious accommodation, unless you give them that authority. You are, in essence, acquiescing to their authority by filling out their state form, altered or not, and SIGNING IT. If we hope to protect even a fraction of the children in this country, it will be due to parents questioning the power and authority behind these corporate government entities and delving into suppressed history to help correct the situation.

This reminds me of the Upas Tree of slavery - See
Understanding our current legal system is the first step towards chopping at the root of the Vaccine Upas Tree.  Throughout history, people are sidetracked into chopping at the branches of 'Upas Trees' instead of getting to the root of the problem.  See

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On 11/11/2014 10:31 AM, sayno2flushots sayno2flushots@... [Vaccination-Liberation] wrote:

This article was written by a parent 10 years ago. It is truer today than it was then. Beware of vaccine bullies

The pressure to vaccinate and the propaganda that accompanies it is at an all time high. The Mayor of Columbus, Ohio just did a flu shot promo.

The Refusal to Vaccinate entrapment form of 2013 is a push back response to the success good folks have had educating the public.

Isn't it time for a new approach? Let's get off the hamster wheel of "our scientists" versus "their scientists" and attack the institution behind the vaccination agenda: the CDC. Dr David Lewis has given us plenty of great ammunition to use in his book Science for Sale.

Let's stop telling our schools, employers and physicians we are opposed to vaccines because of our religion and inform them of the facts via a Vaccination Notice (starting on page 29 of Lawfully Yours).

Perhaps it's time to demonstrate the we are not ill-informed "anti-vaxers" or "religious zealots" but are superbly well educated health activists who understand the 'system' better than most doctors and public health parrots.  


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