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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gardasil 9 - new and improved genocide

FDA approved Gardasil 9: Malfeasance or Stupidity?

Yes, there are NINE various HPV 'proteins' with higher mcg. protein amounts and this newer version has 500 mcg. of aluminum adjuvant (older Gardasil had 225 mcg.)

And check out the comparison of KNOWN adverse events in trials.  Please read the entire article and spread widely. This is so insane!


Package Inserts (be sure to download these onto your own computers for later reference):

Gardasil package insert (read carefully the adverse reactions and this is the older Gardasil):

Gardasil 9 package insert:

Another interesting tidbit that bears repeating...

Donna Voetee: Hang on, you won't read this anywhere else. I have always been fascinated by words and their origins. Ever wonder how drugs get their very odd names? Sometimes it is due to their chemical nature, but sometimes I believe there is more to the story. For instance, Gardasil. "Guard" a "Sil" ? What is a Sil? Sci Fi was never my favorite genre of literature until I came to understand that much truth is hidden and esoteric. The following is from Wikipedia about Sil, a fictional alien from the TV series Dr. Who (1985): 

Sil was the representative of the Galatron Mining Corporation present on the planet Varos to extract concessions from the current Governor. Unbeknownst to the Varosians, the mineral Zeiton-7 which was abundant on their planet was not as they thought nearly valueless, but in fact rare, particularly to time travellers. The Varosians lived barely above the poverty line due to the exploitation of companies like the Galatron Mining Corporation and others Sil was a particularly vile creature by any standard...Devoid of morality and dedicated to getting the cheapest price he could for Zeiton ore by any means, he also enjoyed the various tortures which passed for entertainment on Varos... The Doctor interfered with Sil's plan and informed the Varosians of the true value of their natural resources, forcing Sil to concede...

Any similarity of Sil, a hideous reptilian alien, to Gov. Perry ("Particularly vile creature, devoid of morality, enjoyed tortures"); of the Galatron Mining Corp to Big Pharma ("mined" the abundance [health] of the planet [people]); of the Varosians to the American people ("lived barely above poverty due to the exploitation" [of their drugs]); and of Zeiton-7 to the most precious natural resource of all, our daughters' fertility (our ability as a society to "time travel" via our posterity), is purely intentional.


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When will we get a break from unleashed medical tyranny???

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