Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Right to Grow

Omar has just created the Right to Grow website, whose effort is to try to get retraction orthodontics outlawed so that this never happens to another child (sleep apnea, facial disfigurement, among a litany of other health problems)

From their website....

Who We Are
We are a community of people seeking change within the orthodontic industry.  Presently and in the face of alarming research calling for the contrary, the industry continues to engage in harmful practices that are designed to stunt the normal growth of the jaws, thereby compromising the growth of the airway and even damaging the face.  We operate with the following philosophy:
In the ensuring that a child develops to his or her full potential without a compromised airway or face,
  • Natural forward growth of the face should never be held back;
  • Development of Dental Arches should never be restricted;
  • Informed Consent explaining the known and published risks of retraction and extraction based orthodontic treatment must be provided to all patients, including the risks of facial elongation, flattening of the cranial base, dishing-in of the face, narrowing of the jaws, reduction of airway volume and development of sleep apnea.

Omar's story here:

How facial growth SHOULD be....

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