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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Daily Messenger: How to opt out of Obamacare through medical sharing...

The Daily Messenger: How to opt out of Obamacare through medical sharing...:


YES! Great post and options available!  Thank you!  Definitely worth sharing and re-posting.  We have family members who need to know the options too.  They will LOVE having the other options.

The thing with me is, I don't use mainstream doctors to begin with.  That's why I may come across as anal to some folks.  I'm REAL particular anymore and considered a pain in the ass by the same people. And would you believe that it actually pisses some people off?  Like my family, for instance. Some people will hate a person for that. I must be adopted, because I'm so different from the rest of them (my family). People apparently can't stand someone else being free. I LOVE using practitioners such as chiropractors, naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists, etc...  And most of them don't accept insurance anyway, because all their treatments are holistic and alternative which insurance doesn't cover to begin with. Well, some chiros do, but since we can do most stuff ourselves now (ABC), the costs are very low and insurance is an extra expense, which we can't afford to add.  We loathe having things forced upon us such as mandatory insurance.  And forcing O'bummerCare on people is pure evil. Yeah let's track folks and force them into the EHR system for life!  However, on the other hand, I DO agree that some kind of insurance is needed for unexpected things such as accidents, and the like.  We just can't afford it.  Even with the optional medical sharing group expense, we still can't handle it.

And to be more anal, I also avoid pap smears, mammograms (squished tits with radiation anyone?) and we have our own blood pressure checking device.  Hello?  Mammograms can CAUSE cancer. No need for physical exams here.  We know folks with bio-feedback equipment, such as SCIO/QXCI, BestBioMeridian, F-Scan, Quantum Life, etc...  Those can detect things down to the cellular level and some can read the electromagnet field of an individual. So, if something is awry, and if I'm not sure what's wrong, then I can use some of those.  My spouse has to have yearly checkups because it's a requirement to keep his VA-Disability.  He hates the mainstream as much as I do and grumbles about having to do that.  The VA does pay for it, so no costs to him for that, but he still resents having to go.  They always ask him if he wants a flu shot and he is like HELL NO!  He has the basic coverage of medicare, and I'm not listed on it.

We take supplements, etc.. as opposed to pHARMaceutical drugs, and absolutely NO VACCINES of any kind for any reason.   So they all can shove their sorcery.  See how much a pain in the ass I can be?  LOL!  Wasn't kidding about that.

Well, I might would like a laser facial at some point, but that isn't covered by any type of insurance. Cash only.  And only then when I have extra.

The member share groups really are a great idea and alternative, but I really don't like sharing any medical records of the past and I like being out of any system or network period.  And everyone asks for a SSN#, and I have to tell folks, I quit using one.  We will definitely look into it, although there are NO spare monies available at the moment.  Having to put groceries on a credit card, for instance, sucks massive.  I HATE debt. I would consider this would be another monthly debt and it would just drive me nuts. However, we have several family members who are mainstream and would still love the alternatives available. I'd like to see a alternative/holistic sharing group. That would be like a Utopian dream come true for me. And don't you just know, I'd be all over that one!

Okay, since I'm this way and inquiring minds may (or may not) want to know what to do who might also be pain the asses like me, here are some of my alternative options. I do the basics as I can afford, but will list most that I know & are aware of...


For any type of pain, depending what's causing it, I usually opt to use systemic enzymes such as serrapeptase.  For soft tissue pain, I add the Fibro-Ease (when I can afford it) to keep new hardened fibrin from forming. Serrapeptase helps eat that up, along with decreasing inflammation, eating up scar tissue, thinning blood naturally, etc...  So absolutely NO stomach destroying aspirin nor liver destroying Tylenol for us.

For spinal misalignments, etc... I get adjusted at home as much as possible.  Thank you ABC! We took the ABC training, so it does save me money, and I only go to someone more advanced when a problem persists. I can even ROLF myself.  NCR is on hold until spring, until something gives moneywise and weatherwise. When a couple of debts are paid off, then I can breathe here and continue treatment.  It has been very helpful.  I'd like another AtlasPro too. Sometimes things happen here beyond our control, which likes to eat off of our munny tree.  ;-)

Heart Disease & Prevention:

Take supplements such as an l-arginine / l-citruline product (EPX Body).  L-arginine, the precursor of nitric oxide (NO) synthesis, induces vasodilation in vivo. Arginine helps as a vaso-dilator of blood vessels, etc... It is one great amino acid of many. The serrapeptase thins blood naturally, along with nattokinase aka natto.  We eat the garlic, onion, cayenne, cinnamon, and other spices known for their properties of cleaning the blood and circulation. Colloidal copper strengthens blood vessels, arteries, veins, and capillaries.  Selenium is great for prevention of strokes.  Colloidal minerals FTW!

Oxygenation therapies such as Chi Machine, WBV (whole body vibration), food grade hydrogen peroxide, Oxysilver, Cellfood by Lumina Products, etc...

We have a cool gadget that measures blood pressure which we got from Amazon.

And diet is MOST important.  But you knew that already.  Okay, moving on...

Cancer Prevention:

Nutrition, lots of raw veggies, and I LOVE salads and greens.  I put as much raw variety of veggies possible. Such as grating up carrots, raw broccoli, grated beets, mixes salad greens, kale, spinach leaves, asparagus, onions (always) and garlic powder with sea salt, added spices to olive oil, oregano leaves, basil, green food powder, etc...

Black Seed Oil aka nigella sativa aka black cumin, which is cold pressed.  We use the Rain Soul product.  It also contains all the Omega fatty acids in proper proportions.  That's great because we gave up salmon due to the radiation poisoning of the Pacific ocean.  Thank you Fuk-u-shima.  NOT!

Herbals for the liver, pancreas, kidneys, etc...

Juices and juicing.  I still love our organic fruit smoothies.

Oxygenation therapies as mentioned above.  Cancer can't survive in an oxygenated environment.

Alkaline pH.  Cancer can't survive in an alkaline pH. Green foods, chlorophyll, (blood re builder and great for leukemia) etc..

South-spun water.  Can do it the David Kaas way, or thru the Kangan water unit, which we already have.  We don't have, nor can we afford a water distiller, so we use what we already have.  Also, thank God for well water.  No fluorides or chlorine added.

Regular detoxification.  Clay baths, zeolites, liver/gallbladder flushes, colon cleanses, kidney flushes, parasite cleanses, candida cleanses, fasting with water, fasting with juices, etc...

Gerson therapy, cannabis oil made from a non-toxic food grade solvent, Sour Sop, Latrielle aka B-17 aka Amygadalin, etc..

Diabetes Prevention:

No processed sugar.  And AVOID high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Use only stevia and/or xylitol, and only local raw honey.  NO WHEAT!  No grains that contain gluten, phytic acid, or gliadin protein. See:  The Wheat Belly Blog.

No mixing of sugars with animal protein.  Causes protein glycation (AGEs).  Even a gluten-free/grain-free pancake with real butter and raw local honey along with organic free-range eggs isn't a good idea.  Protein and sweets together of any kind?  Just NO!  Eat at separate times.

Whole Foods only.

Fix circulation via the supplements mentioned above.  We use EPX-Body, which is the l-arginine / l-citruline product.   When we make organic apple crisp, we use cinnamon liberally, along with organic cloves.  Cinnamon goes on gluten-free pancakes, and very liberally.  Use onions and garlic liberally on everything.  I can eat a raw purple/red onion like it was an apple.  Same with a garlic clove.  Chase it with water, and I'm good.

Keeping the body aligned with the ABC, as mentioned.  Every diabetic has one thing in common structurally. And that is a T-7 misalignment (connects to the pancreas gland).  C-7 (nerve connection to thyroid gland) is also out usually in diabetics too, which is why low thyroid accompanies diabetes in so many people.  And most have that forward head posture. Fix that forward head posture with ABC, NCR, NRCT, Starecta, etc...  See a chart here:

Chromium and Vanadium minerals can take the place of low or non-existent insulin for diabetics. Thank you Dr. Joel Wallach! A good anti-diabetic formula would have the chromium, vanadium, cinnamon, and bitter melon for a good basic formula.  The Sweet-EZE from Youngevity is a good formula, and the Chromium / Vanadium from World Health Mall (WHM) has the nano minerals version.

Diabetes is also a result of systemic inflammation.  The serrapeptase mentioned above is good for diabetics to decrease the inflammation.  The black seed oil (nigella sativa) is also great for decreasing inflammation and many studies online about it helping with cancer, diabetes, etc... Ketsumeisei is also great. Can be found on eBay and Amazon.

Colds and flus:

AVOID vaccines and pHARMaceuticals PERIOD.
We like colloidal silver and/or Oxysilver, Bionaid, etc...
Young Living Essential Oils, such as Oregano, Thieves, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, and many more.
Everyone at work is sick and you're not.  What would you do?

Sounds like a reasonable plan to me.  lol
Good hygiene.  We bathe in Miracle II Soap and have been for many years.  Also brush my teeth with it and add spearmint or peppermint oil.  Quit using toothpaste since I learned about the glycerin coating the teeth from the Gerard Judd book, documents and posts.
Vitamin C, D3, Vitamin E, and other anti-oxidants
Cellfood and oxygenation therapies.
Exercise (we don't always have to beat ourselves up in the gym and stress our adrenals)  I like the gym, but can do stuff at home.  WBV, Chi-Machine, a rebounder, go up and down the stairs several times a day, biking (spring/summer for us) etc... Chi-Machine is good for oxygenation and lymph circulation.  So is a WBV (whole body vibration) machine.
Zappers, Rife frequency generators, etc...

YES!  It's actually turned on!  U silly kitteh!

Is easy.  All organic and raw whenever possible.  Whole foods only.  Duh!

Avoid grains (wheat, oats, rye, barley and corn), sugar, and dairy.  Most, if not all of those are GMO and genetically modifed bovine growth hormone is used in dairy. Wheat is a chronic poison and a eugenics project.  Why do you think they push the wheat and whole grains BS?  Ulterior motive much?

Vitamins and colloidal minerals.  I like the Youngevity Tangy Tangerine..  And it uses the proper pre-methylated form of B-12 as in methylcobalamin.  Avoid cyanocobalamin, it's garbage.

Super foods, whenever possible.  Examples are:  Noni, Gogi, Maca, green foods, raw butter oil (Ghee), fermented cod liver oil, kale, kelp, etc...  So many of them.

Extra stuff such as beauty stuff, etc...:

While this may not seem related to insurance and doctors, do you know that mainstream topical products, makeup, soaps, etc.. are toxic and contribute to cancer and other diseases?  It then forces people to HAVE to go to doctors, buy insurance to help pay for treating the diseases caused by these toxins.  Everything mainstream is by design to destroy us and the rest of God's Creation.

The thing to do there is READ YOUR LABELS.

For instance, I bathe in the Miracle II Soap as mentioned above.  I quit using mainstream colognes and perfumes a long time ago.  I use various Young Living Essential Oils for my smell extra good needs.  I LOVE Lavender, White Angelica and especially the Peace and Calming.  Smell good and have aromatherapy at the same time.  Oh yes!

I like the Mineral Makeup.  Youngevity and Younique both have it.  Younique has that 3D mascara that is popular now.  Stay home most of the time, so no need to wear it everyday.

Facial lasering falls under mainstream, since mostly plastic surgeons do it, but I consider it borderline, because it's not surgery.  And besides, neither insurance nor O'bummer-do-nawt-care covers it anyhow.  I bought my own professional microdermabrasion machine a few years ago on eBay for a good price, so that is helpful for my skin to stay smooth.  We like the do-it-yourself stuff very much.

NCR/EndoNasal for beauty and symmetry is also considered elective, and it's alternative.  No insurance will cover that either.  However, it beats a mainstream facelift anyway.  O'bummer-do-nawt-care nor insurance covers any of this, even though it also helps the bony structure.

Facial exercise ala Carole Maggio, Flex Effect, etc... to exercise the facial muscles for toning, circulation, lymph flow etc...  There are gadgets for that too.  DermalTone is a good one, but the company no longer sells it.  Why exercise only your body and neglect the face?  The face and head have muscles too. Neither O'bummer-Do Nawt-Care nor insurance covers this.

Acupuncture ala Anna Baker (Faces by Dr. Anna) from Sarasota,FL has the best facial acupuncture protocol for non-surgical face-lifting.  O'bummer-Do Nawt-Care nor insurance covers that either.

Supplements, nutrition, detoxification go a long way in health AND beauty.  A few for skin would be the colloidal minerals (copper, selenium and tin) mentioned to me a few years ago by the original poster of the blog linked from.  Also, organic silica (G5 by Silicum Labs), organic sulfur, amino acids (Platinum Plus/MAP (Master Amino Acid Pattern), Vitamin C as in sodium ascorbate form, topical silica gel, etc....  A proper liver flush will do a world of good.  The day after a liver/gallbladder flush, I totally glow. That Kangan water being structured, oxygenated, and microclustered has made some people glow too. I saw it in a few people who started drinking it and could tell a difference. O'bummer-Do Nawt-Care nor insurance covers these either.

So you see, health and beauty can be achieved with alternative methods, cleanses and non toxic products. So no diseases to have to worry about because of using alternative methods and products, just to look good.


These are just a few things I know about.  Doing some or most of the above, and you can avoid lame-stream doctors and be truly healthy. As far as I'm concerned, health is freedom. You can self-treat. Most is just basic stuff and common sense. I know some guys who figured out how to do their own NCR even.

You see, they are counting on having many sick people. Health insurance is really SICKNESS insurance.  It's ZERO about health and ALL about the money, as always.  Greedy bastards.

Now, some things can't be avoided. Accidents do happen and can't always be avoided, so prayers for protection is a good idea, me thinks.  And that always.  Pray for your pets and furbabies too.

While we can avoid vaccines and pHARMaceuticals, we can't avoid chemtrails, FUk-U-shima, EMFs, ELFs, etc.. That's why the constant detoxification methods are mentioned. That's why we have orgone, salt lamps, zappers, machines, equipments and other goodies to help.  It sucks that we have to do all of this, but as most know, the world is a backwards planet.  We're thankful and grateful to have what do have to help and protect ourselves.

We will be checking out the membership things and sharing with friends, family and other loved ones, so thanks so much for that post and those suggestions.  While we can't afford any extra debts now, thankfully, we know there are medical options available now.

And I know some folks will be like.. "Well, how can you afford supplements then?"
A. Free Affiliate programs signed up for, sell the very products we use.  What is sold is extra $$, and goes back into the same products we use, that's how. Or either gets invested into something that will make us even more money.  For example:  My microderm machine?  Can give someone else a session in return for a bio-feedback machine session.  Like that.  We like trading and bartering too.

Oh!  And did I mention LOVE?  It can go a long way too.  There's nothing like a good warm buggle and good vibes from a dear loved one.  It can get you through the day.

Black Seed Oil
Nigella Sativa, a complex synergy of over 100 natural chemicals. Enhances and strengthens the immune system in a way no other singular, naturally occurring, substance has ever been known to do. Thousands of years recorded use.


MessiahMews said...

And you wanna hear something really ridiculous? One of my sisters told me that GOD told to get her husband chemotherapy. Seriously? God would NEVER tell a person to go kill themselves quicker with LAME-stream chemotherapy. Well, my family has no common sense. The same sister who vaccinates herself and their children. YET Another reason why I moved clear on the other side of the country. I just can't be around those folks. I may be blood related, but I have NOTHING in common with any of them.

I guess it's also a good thing I'm already married, as no one else would want a pain in the ass rebel and anarchist like me. lol

Eliot Harris said...

We sort of did the medical sharing thing through a Church Organization. Best money spent. We pay about 1/3 in insurance of what we used to pay.

I've also found CBD Hemp Oil and Sell it Online. It helps alleviate my chronic back pain due to swollen disks!

MessiahMews said...

Thanks Eliot for your comment! We are still thinking about the medical sharing.

The thing is that we do not have any extra monies, even for that! And then the fact we don't even use mainstream medical. I have naturopaths, massage therapists (ROLFers), acupuncturists, and chiropractors, that I go to.

We'd like to move to a state (or country) where we could just get real cannabis oil with the THC and CBD.

Just started on Organic Sulfur, and added it to my other stuff.

Glad you have something that helps you with back pain. But seriously, check out the Advanced BioStructural Correction, Systemic Enzymes (Serrapeptase and/or Fibrenza), and anything which builds collagen. The sulfur helps with collagen building too.