Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Friday, January 9, 2015

Going Beyond Vaccine Exemptions

Many parents and individuals are using exemptions to avoid vaccines, and I am in agreement with doing that, however Al Whitney is talking about exposing the agenda behind vaccines, which is true.

However, vaccine exemptions are frightening TPTB enough that they are making it harder for parents to avoid vaccines.

So those that can use the Vaccination Notice to avoid vaccines, are communicating their awareness of the harm that vaccines cause, and exposing those behind the agenda.  So with the exemptions being threatened and harder to get, perhaps this is best step to avoid vaccines.  But whatever is decided on how to avoid vaccines, is up to each individual, and I'm all for any way to avoid them.

This below is a post by AL Whitney...

[Vaccination-Liberation] Exemptions are not the solution because we are all under attack!

Another innocent child loses her life from a vaccine.
The problems with vaccine exemptions
  • They do not communicate your awareness of the significant harm vaccines can and do cause
  • They do nothing to help protect the innocent children of unaware parents
  • They do not expose the illegitimacy of STATE corporations passing rules mandating that all children be given drugs that the drug companies DO NOT warrant as being either safe or effective

And . . . they do not expose the lies and nefarious agenda behind the vaccine campaign that is escalating from elementary schools to day care centers, universities, workplaces, hospitals and nursing homes.

For those still in denial, plea se listen to Russell Blaylock MD explain why those pushing the vaccine agenda are fully aware of what they are doing and keep doing it because they are getting the results they want:
The Tools of Global Population Reduction Exposed

Those behind this agenda are not displeased by the death of the three year old Iowa child in the above video clip.

We are at WAR! We are under attack! The homicidal supremacists, who wish to own and control the planet, announced their plans of genocide and slavery back in 1979. See Silent Weapons of Quiet War.
A 'vaccine exemption' basically says: "I am OK with your plans to make our children ill or even dead, but I am nicely requesting tha t you exempt my child, OK?"

Perhaps we can find a way to say: "I do not consent to have my child - or anyone elses child - sacrificed in your insane genocidal agenda!"

The genocidal supremacists interpret our lack of loudly objecting to their agenda as our approval of it.
We will be discussing the depopulation agenda currently being implemented all around us and what to do about it on In Defense of Humanity this Saturday night, at 8-10 PM ET, 7-9 PM CT, 6-8 PM MT, and 5-7 PM PT.


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