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Saturday, January 3, 2015

[Vaccination-Liberation] Call to prayer for Dr. Buttram

From Vaccination Liberation group....

Please pray for Dr. Harold Buttram and his family --

Christina England    10:57am Jan 3  on Face book today --

It is with great sadness that I share the news that Dr. Harold Buttram has had a fall and has suffered an intercranial bleed. He is currently in intensive care but it is believed that this may well be the prelude to him passing over.

For the many that know him as I do, this news will come as a massive shock. He will be forever remembered for his amazing research and papers/books on vaccination and shaken baby syndrome.

Please pray for him and his family at this difficult time

~Christina  (co-author with Dr. Buttram of Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine-Induced Encephalitis: Are Parents Being Falsely Accused?)

In the Spirit of Truth,

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MessiahMews said...

And of all things........................ What is happening with our giants in this area? First Mayer and not Harold Buttram?

MessiahMews said...

By Lou • 2 years ago
"Little by little--or perhaps I should say lot by lot--we're getting the word out there!"

IMO this is the ONLY way. Officialdom has proven they are willing to let ALL our kids be poisoned. DO NOT VACCINATE.

Shillary said at the beginning of the autism man made plague "Every child by two" I say NO child EVER.

Friends don't let friends VACCINATE or drive drunk.