Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Knowledge is Power (Fascinating New Sovereignty Understanding on the "Signature")

Interesting email newsletter...

From: Daren ulm2012@

For those of you who are interested in freeing yourself from the clutches of the MATRIX and taking control of your own autonomous sovereignty, I highly recommend you watch the following 8 min youtube video from :Mark-Kishon: Christopher.  You should start watching at 3 min 35 second mark.

If you like what you hear from him in the link above.  Here is a link to his entire series entitled:  "Tricks & Traps of Courts"
I'm extremely excited about this information coming out as I do think it is a very big and important component toward our role in taking down EXISTING DRACONIAN MATRIX / BABYLONIC SYSTEM.........and toward educating people to take back their sovereignty and freedom and NOT BEING AFRAID OF JUDGES, COURTS AND LAWYERS. 
This stuff really gets me fired up, because it totally exposes the trickery of Judges and how they use "Language" and the "Legal System" to control us (from both a conscious and subconscious level).  Once you know this information...... the "solutions" become self evident of how to neutralize them and actually make them our PUBLIC "SERVANTS" which is the oath they all took to be in that position.   
The more people we can get onto this info and applying it....... the quicker their "Control Games" are OVER.
Blessings, Daren
P.S.  If you watch this, I would be very interested in your feedback.

Can't we just refuse to sign anything?

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