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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

On Seattle Craigslist (Attempted Removal of Vaccine Exemptions in WA State)...

OPPOSE HB 2009 Removing Personal Exemption for Vaccination (olympia)

OPEN LETTER TO THE WASHINGTON STATE LEGISLATURE: . Imagine my outrage to discover that the WA legislature will consider removing my right as a parent to make health care choices for my child. I will OPPOSE this bill, and will be present at any hearings that limit my right as a parent to make any health care choice for my child. It's legal to smoke pot, but you want to make it illegal for me to chose my health care for my child?

Sponsors for this bill in the 2015 session are:

HOUSE BILL 2009 State of Washington 64th Legislature 2015 Regular Session By Representatives Robinson, Johnson, Walkinshaw, Magendanz, Jinkins, Gregerson, Harris, Tarleton, Lytton, Riccelli, Cody, Tharinger, Senn, Kilduff, Stanford, Peterson, Moeller, Kagi, Takko, Moscoso, Wylie, Clibborn, Van De Wege, S. Hunt, Farrell, Pollet, and Ryu

Please contact me directly if you are interested in attending any hearing in Olympia regarding this bill. It has been assigned to House Health Care & Wellness Committee, on Tuesday Feb 17, at 8am. Please OPPOSE HB 2009 online. Please contact members of the House Health and Wellness committee and tell them you oppose HB 2009

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