Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Friday, February 20, 2015

[Vaccination-Liberation] Mass vaccination plan for entire country, including all adults

Ingri and I will be discussing this issue, including the history of the Federal Register and it's function, tomorrow night on In Defense of Humanity on RBN at 8 pm EST.
When they ask for 'public comment', we do not have access to the responses they get. They can (and do) lie about them. 'Public comment' is just another tool of "perception management" and it is being used on all levels of the corporate government as a substitution for voting . . . by design. A government employee once told me that "People don't want their way, they just want their say." That is what they have been indoctrinated into believing.

AL Whitney
Retired Registered Respiratory Therapist
Former Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children
Spouse of a retired Family Practitioner

People for Safe Technologies

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