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Candida Summit

Saturday, February 14, 2015

[Vaccination-Liberation] Vaccines and 'perception management'

The vaccine issue is not all about choice. Without full disclosure there is only the "perception" of choice. This is true across the board.

The American people have been victims of "perception management" schemes since before we were born. In fact, that is all the mainstream media has been for a long time. (See brilliant and entertaining documentary Psywar)

Dr Paul Offit is the pro-vaccine physician most frequently featured on TV and even in some alternative media forums. Yet rarely is it mentioned that Offit is an industry insider who has a vaccine patent and receives money from Big Pharma. How is that full disclosure?

Hubbie (retired GP) told me that he was instructed NOT to offer parents the package inserts for vaccines because they might frighten them. Instead doctors are given CDC propaganda "fact sheets" that conceal the truth. How is that full disclosure?

Parents who protect their children from dangerous drugs are making the only reasonable choice any parent who loves their children can make.

Here's an excerpt from Lies, Damn Lies and Medical Research:

In fact, the question of whether the problems with medical research should be broadcast to the public is a sticky one in the meta-research community. Already feeling that they’re fighting to keep patients from turning to alternative medical treatments such as homeopathy, or misdiagnosing themselves on the Internet, or simply neglecting medical treatment altogether, many researchers and physicians aren’t eager to provide even more reason to be skeptical of what doctors do—not to mention how public disenchantment with medicine could affect research funding. Ioannidis dismisses these concerns. “If we don’t tell the public about these problems, then we’re no better than nonscientists who falsely claim they can heal,” he says. “If the drugs don’t work and we’re not sure how to treat something, why should we claim differently? Some fear that there may be less funding because we stop claiming we can prove we have miraculous treatments. But if we can’t really provide those miracles, how long will we be able to fool the public anyway?"

Tonight on RBN at 8 pm EST, the topic will be "Vaccines: Without full disclosure, there is only the perception of choice".

AL Whitney
Retired Registered Respiratory Therapist
Former Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children
Spouse of a retired Family Practitioner

People for Safe Technologies

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