Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Sunday, February 15, 2015

We all knew this day was coming...

Here it is, folks! We all knew this day was coming. Here is the plan in black and white. The ACA will be used to implement this plan to vaccinate all adults.

They want to target pregnant women, in particular, for even more vaccines (see page 10).

They will monitor adverse events stemming from the vaccines in a passive way, as before. (What agency makes the call to withdraw a vaccine that is harming too many people? Or, doesn't that matter, considering they deny all side effects and deaths as causally connected to vaccination?)
I guess I got my answer on page 13:
1.3.1 Review the latest medical and scientific literature for evidence of causal links between vaccines and adverse events when reviewing claims.

I guess that means they will review slanted, false scientific literature prepared for them by the vaccine industry.
Lots of EHR usage to target the unvaccinated-- even pharmacists, who shouldn't be privy to that confidential information (page 13), and that information will travel beyond state lines. Nice!

Yup, they are going after employers to enforce vaccination uptake, too (see page 15).

And they are planning to go after our faith-based groups to promote vaccination uptake, too (see page 20 and page 22). I guess they will be pressuring pastors and rabbis and imams to promote the uptake of vaccinations, including those with pork trypsin and aborted fetal cell lines, and an entire zoo of animal retroviral contaminants. Bye-bye religious exemptions for everyone if that happens! If your pastor is advocating you to take vaccines, how will your religious leader be in any position to help you obtain a religious exemption to vaccination, right? That is devious, and it cannot be tolerated.

They will be employing more thought leaders, too (page 23):
1. Encourage the development of adult immunization champions across all sectors.

They will be developing more vaccines for adults.

Does the following on page 25 mean that they will use computer models to predict false, wished for animal vaccine efficacy?
2. Optimize predictive values of vaccine efficacy in animal models, and develop and validate new analytical methods and biomarkers that will establish early-phase correlates of protection.

Page 26 is just plain scary with talk of the NAIP - National Adult Immunization Plan with the use of an Adult Interagency Task Force:
The AITF membership is composed of core federal stakeholders with a vested interest in adult immunization.
Will Glaxo, Merck and Sanofi reps be ringing our doorbells soon?

Implementing the NAIP will require not just federal action, but also national action. The success of the plan will require states, tribal and local governments, components of the health care delivery system, communities, manufacturers, and other stakeholders to work together to ensure a coordinated and comprehensive adult immunization program. The strategies identified here are intended to serve as a catalyst for other stakeholders to develop their own plans for participation in adult immunization activities.

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