Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Saturday, March 28, 2015

First Rib Maneuver™ Demonstration - Advanced BioStructural Correction™

First Rib Maneuver™ Demonstration - Advanced BioStructural Correction™

They can punch through hard and it still doesn't hurt.

ABC, Advanced BioStructural Correction is by far the most bio-mechanically sound and effective of all the structural therapies I have had done. Highly recommended. To find a qualified practitioner, go to & click on "locator".

They have their own version of NCR called Endo-Nasal Cranial Correction, so if you can't find an NCR doctor, etc..., then you can always find one of these guys close by.

Some ABC doctors/chiros/naturopaths haven't had the endo-nasal cranial training, such as mine, so I still have to travel to an NCR naturopath to get the cranial work.

Works VERY well with NCR, Starecta, Facial Pulling, Palate expansion, AtlasProfilax, Neurologic Relief Centers Technique (NRCT, not the same as NCR) and more. as myself and others have attested from our experiences.

You wanna fix yourself? Don't expect a damn pHARMa pain pill or vaccine to fix you.  Never going to happen. Not in this lifetime or any other.

These therapies will let loose the meninges/meningeal compression/meningeal adhesions, which are throwing your autonomic nervous system into sending rouge garbage signals getting you stuck in Sympathetic mode (fight or flight). After a time, it will calm down to the parasympathetic mode, which will enable relaxation and some real good quality sleep.  The Atlas Profilax did that trick for me, and I would like to chase down one of their practitioners and have it done again. AtlasPro also caused me to lose 25 lbs back in 2007, just because my autonomic nervous switched back on, and glands, organs, etc.. started working again.  The rebuilding nutrition below helped too.

If you need to rebuild, then the Platinum Plus Amino Acids by Doctor Brice E. Vickery will help in rebuilding the spine, which also contain organic sulfur.

If you have pain, swelling, inflammation, fibrosis, etc..., then the serrapeptase and/or serrapeptase protealytic enzyme blend such as Fibrenza.

Fix your joints by Organic Sulfur, G5 Organic Silica by Silicum Labs, Vitamin C as in Sodium Ascorbate, Biocell Type II collagen in a superfood juice called Jusuru, and perhaps get some stem cell prolotherapy which comes from YOUR OWN bone marrow, without being a foreign invador.

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