Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Our Miracle

We have one boy Miracle. He's a Maine Coon mix and is 8 years young now.

His name Miracle came from his earlier life, when he was born in my friend's built-in bed drawers. Her storage drawers are built in under the bed frame. Miracle's mamma cat is a beautiful long haired black cat, and he was the only kitten she had. My friend told us that she noticed the mamma cat was always going under her bed, and she didn't know why the obsession with the bedroom. She said he was in there about 3 or 4 weeks, before she discovered the kitten there, which was in July 2006. She said it was a "miracle" that he lived, so that's why we call him Miracle.

So fast forward to when we were at my friend's birthday bash in late August of 2006, I walked upon my hubby sitting in a chair holding a wee little long haired furball. I wanted to hold him, so I sat there nearly the whole time just holding that kitten. Apparently, the wee little boy LOVED my husband, because as we were leaving that evening, the kitten tried to follow him out the door and down the steps to go with us right then. It was like a ONE MOMENT decision to get him. We had to wait until we bought supplies and wait for hubby to come back from a planned trip the following two weeks. When my hubby came back from a trip, two weeks later, we went to go pick him up, after buying him his supplies, food, litter box, toys, etc...

And the most interesting part during the 2-week wait?...  Miracle would come to me in my dreams and ask me when we are coming to get him. The kitteh is psychic, I tell ya!

This is how he looked not long after we brought him home:

He sure loves the orgone...

2007 and on..., and oh look how beautiful he became! ...

Orgone, it's the new catnip!

This Kitteh Got Some Honors To Boot!

Cute Pet of the Day – January 17, 2011 – Paw Nation

Selected to be in the LOLMart's 2013 ICHC Daily Calendar 

Admiring himself in the calendar, no doubt...

More like... I has a pretty

He's neutered, of course, but other than that, totally UN-medicated. He is an indoor cat only. And he is lovingly cared for via all natural and holistic methods. Miracle is very healthy and has no medical issues. Thank you God! We're so blessed to have a happy and healthy furbaby companion.

Remember this quote: "When our animals get sick, we don't ask what they did wrong, we ask what we did wrong.", ~Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms

His funny quirks are: 
He's a very finicky eater. He's way more finicky than Morris ever thought about being. He likes the dry cat food, and some wet food. He LOVES grass, and begs us to go outside and get him some, which we do. He likes green food drinks, as one time, he lapped up some wheatgrass like it was nobody's business!  Maybe he's borderline vegetarian?  Aifinkso!  Oh!... And he hates baffs!

And he's into SHOWING US THE LUV, as these pictures will attest...

Well, what do you expect when he has a name like Miracle?  So he was just beggin’ to be captioned.

[Heart literbox pics and the funny LOLs Insert Here]...

I Can Has LOVE?


"Me luv u long time."


I LOVE U... I Left U Some Choclate.... UR WELCOME!

Miracle on the Miracle 6 Getting Some Gud Vibes & Frequencies...

Meow? Be Mine?

And this is our furbaby Miracle, who is a miracle indeed!  God bless him!

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