Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Daily Messenger: Nephilim Demon Antidote - February 2015

The Daily Messenger: Nephilim Demon Antidote - February 2015

We listened to the entire thing here.  He is so right about the ones closest to you backstabbing.  I'm going to go off on a small rant here, so bear with me, or ignore the post.

--begin rant--
The guy is spot on about the ones closest to you.  Like I've been warning my "Christian" family about vaccines, drugs, pharmakopeia (sorcery), and they just try to make me look stupid.  Note I said try. They're not succeeding in that part, but one of my sisters thinks it's okay to keep my mother drugged up with Zoloft and Ativan in a pepertual stupor, and insist on her getiting flu shots and mainstream medicines and surgeries.  Just so she can go to her Zumba and socialize.  My genetic family is so mainstream.  The same sister said that God told her and her husband to get him chemotherapy for his cancer.  As if!!  Like God is okay with you being a stupid sheep and poison yourself, knowing full well it's not a cure.  Most things don't surprise me, but that shocked the hell out of me.

She also told me later that my mother never had a flu shot.  But my mother told me on the phone that my sister insisted that they all get that H1N1 shot, and that she was so sick afterwards.

Before my mother went to live with them, the only thing she had wrong was that she was sad (my father passed) and had panic attacks (fear of being alone).  She just didn't feel like keeping up the house.  She still has those, and now she's had several blackouts, all drugged up and is in a zombie state.  Not long after she went to live with my sister, she came to me in a dream, begging me to help her.  Because her soul or subconscious or whatever knew that I could help her.

I already KNOW what is causing her blackouts. Meningeal compression.  It's a simple thing and simple to fix via NRCT (Neurologic Relief Centers Technique for one.  My sister's adopted little daughter wanted my mom to pick her up and suddenly jumped up and grabbed her neck which pulled it forward causing compression and dysfunction.

The panic attacks can also be remedied from the same treatment. I know because I've had a panic attack before and it was my autonomic nervous system stuck in the fight or flight mode aka Sympathetic mode.  I know what that feels like too.  All this ABC, NCR and AtlasProfilax I've been having to reverse some of this stuff.   And what really super sucks, is that one of the NRCT practitioners is in their city.  Sigh.

Dementia can be also reversed with Organic Sulfur as it helps dissolve the amyloid plaque in the brain. .  Clay baths to remove chemicals/heavy metals.

And giving cholesterol drugs will help bring it on even faster, as the brain needs the cholesterol to function (good fats).  Heart disease and clogged arteries is not from the good fats, but bad fats (plastic margarine, shortening, canola GMO oil, etc...) and grains which causes inflammation.  The clogging stuff is from inflammation mostly.

Remember, at an earlier post I said our parents didn't feed us well, but used cereals, boxed food (mac and cheese, fake potatoes, etc..), so that damn ignorance was passed on.

And they ALL want to act like I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about?  Not a single one of them has ever studied or read any kind of naturopathy.  Sister did order the sulfur and I told her to sneak it into my mom's food, and drink.  That's what I would do.

If my mom was here, she would be herself for the most part.  And people don't understand why I moved clear across the country.  Hell, I could move to Pluto and it still wouldn't be far enough.

Maybe it's my mom's karma, who knows?  but I still don't agree with the way she's being cared for.

In the above scenario/situation, being where we are is probably the best.  Because their zoloft drug infested/vaccine damaged brains and pHARMaceuticals giving the poked hole in their auras would allow entities to enter into them to cause them to backstab a loved one aka US.  My father hated me, so why would the rest of them be any different?  Because I am the black sheep in my family.  And I hate the word of being called a sheep anyway, so let's say the only one in the family who is awake. My dad knew it and he hated me for it.  The taskmaster kind who wanted to beat you into mindless zombie submission.  Ha! It didn't work.  Sorry about your daughter mister, but God/Christ saved her and she chose the higher road, even with all the bumps in that road.
--end rant--

Now, back to the video.  In a survival situation, spoken of in the video, if the boxed stuff was/is all we had to eat, that's one thing, but all those years when good food was/is plentiful, we all should have had it.

The guy mentioned storing food, but didn't mention storing supplements, especially if boxed stuff is all that is available.  We'll need the minerals and vitamins, etc...

Having plants and trees like strawberries, apples, raspberries, blueberries, etc.. is definitely a great blessing to have.  Because the not having enough money is a huge problem for alot of folks and they're going to be in for a rude awakening.

Writing some of this while listening to this song....

Sorry for any typos and bad grammar.  Sometimes, the keyboard and fingers just get away from me.

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