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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tourettes Syndrome: A New Treatment (1)

Starecta type device. Now THIS is real science!  Amazing before and afters!

Video description:

Dr. Brendan Stack has developed a new treatment for Tourettes Syndrome patients. The treatment makes use of a properly fitted mouth appliance to relieve pressure on certain nerves to the brain. The treatment has been proven successful on many patients. For more information contact Dr. Stack at 703-821-1103 or visit his website at: TMJStack,com.

He's in VA, so those not in VA, can opt for the Starecta rectifier.

Those who are using Starecta, are also doing NCR, Facial Pulling, etc...

ALL of these are great in relieving all sorts of bio-mechanical and neurological problems.

Now, if we could just eliminate vaccines, GMOs, fluoride, chemtrails, Big pHARMa, Monsanto, TPTB, etc... and educate EVERYONE (especially health practitioners) into the new ways of healing, everyone on this planet would stand a chance of being truly healthy for once,

Also in addition to allowing everyone to function better, our symmetry would improve from head to toe, and be equally good looking.  Then it would stop so much jealously, strife, competition, etc...

Our bodies are not fearfully and wonderfully made, so we gotta help them along a bit. Everyone should be comfortable in their bodies and their skin.

And this aging BS needs to stop already.  It's getting old.

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