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Friday, March 27, 2015

[Vaccination-Liberation] Federal Government Plans to Track Unvaccinated Adults

Federal Government Plans to Track Unvaccinated Adults
by Theresa Wrangham, NVIC Executive Director
March 26, 2015

Here is a rebuttal to this article by Theresa Wrangham. Quotes of Wrangham are followed by facts that she seems to be unaware of.

"Adults should examine this plan carefully because the U.S. Constitution guarantees American citizens the right to privacy."

If that was the case the revelations of Edward Snowden would have shut down the NSA.

"One only has to read stories posted NVIC’s Cry For Vaccine Freedom Wall by healthcare workers who have refused flu shots and are being fired from their jobs to understand the threat posed by the NAIP. Is your profession next? The short answer is yes."

How many of these employees have challenged their employers via a legal notice? Wouldn't it make sense to challenge them 'in writing' (and educating them at the same time) prior to quitting or be fired?

"Your rights are being eroded and vaccine exemptions are under aggressive attack in many states. NVIC will continue to advocate for your freedom as we have done for over 30 years,"

"Most importantly, register and encourage others to register on NVIC’s Advocacy Portal today and join with other concerned Americans to protect informed consent rights."

And yet, here we are today. When NVIC confesses that they have been at this for 30 years and in the same article admits that we are all loosing the rights of choice, it becomes apparent that they have not solved the problem. They have only been able to document the growing threat to our health. We would be insane to think that if we did what we have done for the past 30 years that we will get a different result.

NVIC does not have a solution.

Once we understand and accept the fact that the US Constitution has not protected us from the growing vaccine mania and many other threats to our health, we can start looking for other solutions. And, other solutions are available.

This is not about me personally wanting to "lead the fight" or "become a hero" or any other such egotistical nonsense. It is about recognizing that our government is not what we have been taught it is, adapting to that reality, and dealing with it accordingly. It is time to seek lawful solutions. See LAWFULLY YOURS.

From APPENDIX D - What is a contract?
"You cannot depend upon the courts to protect what you think are your rights, as long as you have signed contracts that supersede those “rights.” So unless you understand the basics of contracts, you won't know how to protect your inalienable rights."

AL Whitney
Retired Registered Respiratory Therapist
Former Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children
Spouse of a retired Family Practitioner

People for Safe Technologies

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